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Savanna gagged on Rocco’s massive cock as mucous and saliva spewed forth from every crevice of her mouth. The force of his rod pounding against her uvula was more than she could take. The vomit flowed freely from deep within Savanna's belly and spilled over Rocco’s lap.

Soup’s on.

Date Written: June 22, 2004
Author: Dolemite
Average Vote: 2.3333

06/24/2004 TheBuyer: pass for now, i'm hungry.
06/24/2004 qualcomm (1): crud
06/24/2004 Ewan Snow: How many crevices did her mouth have? And more importantly, is this by Danko?
06/24/2004 anonymous: Sweet!!!!! My first one star short!!!!! Let's keep 'em coming!!!!!
06/24/2004 scoop (1): Okay.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: Good lunch. Corned beef on rye. Toasted. Little creme cheese, hint of taragon maybe cumin, mystery mix of the brilliant, beautiful Persian woman who assembled it. Man, she's pretty too...ya, feelin much better now. Was starting to get a little dizzy there for a bit!
06/24/2004 qualcomm: scoop. sounds like the buyer is baiting you. corned beef on rye. persian woman. creme cheese. decoded: some jew's slipping moe-ron the ol' hebrew national.
06/24/2004 Moe-Ron: Woah! It doesn't feel good being used as a pawn in this terrible game.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: Oh my stars and garters whatver do you mean? Funny thing, because she had actually suggested a shepard's pie, and a Guinness, but I was in a hurry and had to make it a quickie. You know how it goes, went with the old stanby. The floor I work on is a pretty high, hard one to get to so I'm usually in a big hurry to eat, and go. Eh? EH?
06/24/2004 Ewan Snow: Stop saying "eh?" like some walk-on character in The Rosy Crucifixion.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: Huh?
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: "you should get that put on a tee-shirt"
06/24/2004 qualcomm: fuckin rosy crucifixion.
06/24/2004 Ewan Snow: Well I wasn't the one saying "eh?"
06/24/2004 scoop: Moe-Ron doesn't dig on Kosher meat, dude. She doesn't fancy Hebrew delicacies. She's not a fan of Jewish cuisine. She's an anti-semitie is what I'm trying to say.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: It's the language of my people. It's Canadain for, huh, dude, ya know, right, and pardon me.
06/24/2004 Ewan Snow: I thought that was "ay?" Do you spell it "eh?" It rhymes with "say", right?
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: Ya, but there's a diphthong and it's more stacatto. Less 'Is your wife a goer? knowwhatImean? nod's as good as a wink to a blind-bat, eh-eh' more 'take off, eh, ya hoser' a la Bob n Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew
06/24/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: "Ya" another word of your people, TheBuyer.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: See Also - poutine and chesterfield. also, we stand in 'line ups', not 'lines', and if someone bumps you at the bar, you're supposed to turn around and say 'sorry' or there might be hurt feelings.
06/24/2004 TheBuyer: mOE - my tasty sandwich was also used in an inapropriate fashion, I hope the not-good feelings all of this caused have subsided.
06/24/2004 anonymous: I find the use of my comment section to post anything other than derision for my horrible short unacceptable.
06/24/2004 Will Disney: poutine is your fries and gravy concoction, no? what's chesterfield again?
06/25/2004 Cooper Green:
06/25/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (2): Wow, so that's what that's called. And what a nice setting for Rocco to gag Savannah with his cock...you know, that picture combined with the short makes me feel inclined to raise the curve.
06/25/2004 Dylan Danko: Wow, Python references! Quick, to the Tardis!
06/25/2004 scoop: Now hold on, Danko. There's no reason to go funning the Tardis.
06/25/2004 TheBuyer: That chesterfield would look friggin great on the patio, eh.
06/25/2004 TheBuyer (1):
06/25/2004 Dolemite: Have I set a new record with this one Disney?
06/25/2004 TheBuyer: not quite.

195. Savanna gagged on Rocco’s massive cock as mucous and saliva spewed forth from every crevice of her mouth. - added 6/22/2004 2:09:50 AM by Dolemite - Avg. Rating 1.25 (4 votes received)

196. "Existence = essence." - added 2/4/2004 9:45:50 AM by Lenny - Avg. Rating 1 (3 votes received)

197. "Pony here! Anyone order a pony?!?" - added 12/30/2003 5:46:35 PM by Rafus Butler - Avg. Rating 1 (4 votes received)
06/25/2004 Dolemite: Damn Cooper Green and his Chesterfield...
06/26/2004 Cooper Green (2): Dolemite, are you saying you're upset that my beloved furniture caused Ferucio to spoil the purity of your oneness? Well, here's another 2. How d'ya like them apples, pal?
06/26/2004 Dolemite: No sir. I don't like it.
06/28/2004 Great Satan (2): Soup's on?! Bitching fuck!
06/30/2004 Jon Matza Imposter (5): What are you guys talking about?? This is the best guest short I've ever read.
06/30/2004 Jon Matza: Hey, someone posted an impostor comment from me below! Dude, good one! Disney...?
06/30/2004 Jon Matza Imposter: Scratch that, I just forgot that I posted that first comment, because of my brain cancer. And now, to South America! C ya!
06/30/2004 Will Disney (5): holy crap - dolemite is back?
06/30/2004 Jon Matza: Thanks, Disney. On account of my gratitude I won't point out your mispelling of impostor.
06/30/2004 Dolemite: Disney, you're ruining my rating with your 5 stars.
01/20/2005 Litcube (2): [stumble again]. I'm on the Dolemite marathon and I'm having trouble getting up. And after having such a strong finish.