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Date Written: June 25, 2004
Author: Litcube
Average Vote: 4

07/2/2004 Mr. Pony: Author, your JPEG compression is set a little high -- That's where the distortion around your edges is coming from. Anyway, a flat-color image like this would probably look better (and compress smaller) as a GIF.
07/2/2004 Will Disney: am i a disney?
07/2/2004 TheBuyer (4): It's a Pants!
07/2/2004 Litcube: I know the compression is high, it's at about 75 percent. The image was part of a series I did where I made up stupid drawings and sent them to a giant e-mail list of all of my friends. So I had to compress. One of my friends thought it'd be a good idea to post them on this site. As a joke. I don't think the quality of the image would have helped this short any.
07/2/2004 Mr. Pony: Oh, I know. Separate issue.
07/2/2004 Litcube: Shit. I missed your point. Gif. Got it now.
07/2/2004 anonymous: Clitlube: as a series, It's A Pants is fucking hilarious. "Toast? What are you doing to an giant shoe?" is genee-us. Post more!
07/2/2004 Jon Matza: Maybe submitting a few at a time (i.e. in a single short) would help those unfamiliar w. 'it's a pants' get a better sense of its 'vibe' & what it is. I like the style & don't mind the random aspect but don't think this one paneler stands on its own w/out any context. But I hope "the cube" will keep em coming.
07/3/2004 qualcomm: As a display of pure sportsmanship, Matza's below encouragement will rank among the most renowned in the history of leisure activity, from Minnesota Fats' gracious eulogy at Willie Mosconi's funeral, to that time when Gordie Howe left a hockey puck with his "Wite Out"-painted autograph on it lodged in the Wailing Wall.
07/5/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: You know, that's a nice touch, the little shiny in the corner of the mirror.
07/6/2004 ElTwisto: ???
07/8/2004 TheBuyer: Hey Litcube! Now would be a perfect time to lay a fat rail of It's A Pants! down for us. C'mon jack, I know you're holding.
07/9/2004 Litcube: I did. I think Disney mistook them for junk mail.
07/9/2004 TheBuyer: o dear. this is the part where you post a message titled DISNEY!!! and he fixes it in three seconds.
07/9/2004 Will Disney: i'm on it! tomorrow!
07/9/2004 TheBuyer: see? cool, huh.
07/9/2004 Litcube: Wow. That *is* cool.
07/12/2004 Pix: Hey Disney, what happened to this?
07/12/2004 Litcube: He totally deleted it. It's official. :( I'm not cut out for the ACMESHORTS community.
07/12/2004 Pix: Whats the matter don't you suck enough?...
07/12/2004 Litcube: I suck hard just fine, thank you.
07/12/2004 Pix: Yeah thats what yer boyfriend told me!