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Pre laces up his truly worn in '91 Track Jordans, the sky blue ones of course, as he awaits in monsterous anticipation the alpha of the main event, the big race, the trek around the holy oval of solitude when he notices that there seems to be a slight disturbance in the force, a cry for a release down under, a sure sign that his prune and tropical black bean diet is working its Houdini magic in his bowels, causing the poor Manchester born lad to sprint furiously, and out of control to the make shift loo yonder in the twigs and weeds created by the young chaps whom not less than a twilight before had the same unfortunate circumstance befall them with the experimentation of a home made elixor known as the "shits and giggles juice".

Thus Pre relieves himself and defines the definition of the run on sentence and redundancy.

Date Written: July 15, 2004
Author: 25squared
Average Vote: 3

07/21/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (3): I too, suffer from last sentence summation anxiety. I give this an a-hole's 3.
07/21/2004 Will Disney (3): i like that it's a long sentence - 3.5!
07/21/2004 Ewan Snow: Disney, why do you round down these days? I thought you were the nice guy.
07/21/2004 25squared (4): I like it. It's a long sentence. Need more. Long sentences that is. Better flow. Poeple should do it. Write in longer sentences.
07/21/2004 Stash (4): agreed. run-on, runner, run-on.
07/21/2004 Stash: what is the obsession with the poo stories, anyway? is it a gay thing?
07/21/2004 TheBuyer (3): normally, when i'm sucking cock, i think about shit. my own shit. on the cock that was just in my ass that i'm sucking because i'm a fag. the gay kind, not a cigarette. this short though? I dunno. I like experiments but the last line was too self deprecating and I think takes away from the effect of the runon which was done fairly well. guest to guest 3
07/21/2004 anonymous: Oh, for fuck's sake! Guest to Author's level 1!
07/21/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Gay to a-hole's 5
07/21/2004 TheBuyer: anon: please clear be moreso, eh p'tachk.
07/21/2004 Stash: wow, the mere mention of "cock" gets all of you worked up. Buyer, if it's a foul shit day (example: you've consumed a bad batch of chili for lunch) is it more or less of a turn on? or perhaps there's no difference at all as long as it's nice and creamy?
07/21/2004 25squared: Not knowing Buyer at all, and it seems I don't have enough credit left on the Visa too anyway...your words of over-homosexuality dictate your extreme phopia for the true dick suckers in the world. By over-hyping your blatant gayness you in return validate your over the top straight-boyness. Also, that Fubu shirt and "Calvin pissing on a Ford" sticker say you're straight.
07/21/2004 TheBuyer: [sigh] do you guys know a second joke?
07/21/2004 25squared: Soooo, this movie walks into a bar with a nun under one arm and a football under the other...
07/21/2004 Stash: [sigh] let's play naked Twister instead.
07/21/2004 TheBuyer: ahh...sandwiches. I'm feeling much better now. please excuse my earlier, supernatural pissiness and be ready to embrace my current, average pissiness.
07/21/2004 Stash: TheBuyer: does this mean no naked Twister? [sigh]
07/21/2004 TheBuyer: what are you talking about? I've been playing for the last two hours. Everybody is winning.
07/21/2004 Stash: no one loses in naked Twister. except for retards, they're not as flexible.
07/22/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: [sigh]
07/26/2004 Mr. Pony (2): I have actually lost at Naked Twister. That's how fair-minded I am. 25squared, I think you might be dangerously insane.