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This is what a soul looks like: mostly monochromatic pinks, swirling around loosely in the shape of a thread spool. Just magical enough that I've never doubted my mind's eye knowing it. Even at 13, masturbating for the first time in the basement bedroom while watching Family Matters -- my eyes were focused on the TV, my hands on myself; but I was thinking about the swirling pinks as the waves rolled, boiled and popped.
(The music in my house is loud)

I see it at the tea house when Leonard Cohen comes on. A bunch of unfocused book holders staring sideways into air. It's the ripe, bruised fruit brain that imagines the surprise of an old, loved lover walking in and sitting down an unknown two tables away. Just to have that moment of eye contact. But I digress....
(My heart rings for years afterward)

Tonight, I'll go to an unknown local bar with a favorite friend. I'll laugh, swallow a percocet down with a whiskey and I will be totally happy. With one eye on the door as it swings open and open and open. But these are those things...
(back of the mind)
(side of the gut)
(throat of the wrist)

Date Written: July 16, 2004
Author: hotcancer
Average Vote: 2

07/23/2004 Stash: i'm confused.
07/23/2004 TheBuyer: [self indulgent, witless comment omitted to be replaced with 3000 word dissertation on something unrelated to the writing of the funny stories but not right away will warn several times how good it's going to be]
07/23/2004 TheBuyer: drat! nothing is working for me today
07/23/2004 Stash: i like the general feel of this but can't pick up on the flow. don't know. anyone else?
07/26/2004 Mr. Pony: What the devil?!?
07/26/2004 scoop: I see your what the devil and raise it a what the fucking jesus christ hell.
07/26/2004 Dick Vomit (2): disagree/disavow
12/7/2004 Mr. Pony: I've been pondering this one for months now, and while I still don't have the slightest inkling of what it means, I have discovered that it "turns" on several phrases: "Just magical enough...", "...unfocused book holders...", "...an unknown two tables away...", and of course "(throat of the wrist)".

I will ponder it some more.