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Date Written: August 27, 2004
Author: Litcube
Average Vote: 2.66667

08/31/2004 qualcomm (2): i can't get behind this.
08/31/2004 scoop: Then you must be some kind of monster who doesn't get cute little drawrings.
08/31/2004 qualcomm: no, that's what you are. any two things that are remotely similar automatically get put on the same level in your hierarchy.
08/31/2004 qualcomm: (if you ask real nice, i'll tell you the difference between this one and the first toast strip).
08/31/2004 TheBuyer (4): That is by far the worst donkey ever drawn in the history or donkey drawings and Tim the Duck is too polite to scream and run. Yippee! 4
08/31/2004 John Slocum (1): Can we filter here, litcube? Why do you post these?
08/31/2004 qualcomm: i think it's cute how slocum is so much crankier in his morning comments.
08/31/2004 Benny Maniacs (2): Tell you what: if you got rid of the last frames in all these strips, they would kick a lot of ass and be more concise and cryptic.
08/31/2004 qualcomm: that's an excellent point, maniacs. do that now, author. thank you.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Hey Summer, why is this strip different from the first toast strip?
08/31/2004 qualcomm: hello, pony! hulloooOO! i think the duck is breaking character in the last panel; that "oh dear" seems to come more from the author than from the duck. as if he's saying to us, the audience: "Oh dear, look at the wacky drawing I came up with this time around!" sort of the same as when mr. roper mugs to the camera after making a gay joke in 3's Company, but not as funny. comes off saccharine.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: That's exactly what I was thinking, except for the Roper analogy. Hello!
08/31/2004 Litcube: Agreed. This one stunk, but it's part of the series, to answer your question, Slocum. Besides, if a graphical short blows, it only wastes a few seconds of your life.
08/31/2004 John Slocum: Fine.
08/31/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Hey graphical short people, do we need to have a discussion about the time/work ratio going on in graphical shorts? I'm wondering about this. I have a feeling we are either getting shortchanged or are reaping wild benefits on behalf of the acme community, but I can't tell which. Anyone care to weigh in?
08/31/2004 qualcomm: i'd say graphic shorts have been, are, and will continue to be overrated.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Hey, I'd like to expand on what summer said about being the short being overly-aware of its audience--The "It's a pants" series seems to rely on a form of what can only be referred to as retardation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you're going for here is something retarded. The author, or, more specifically, the reader's impression of the author is very important in the reader's enjoyment of the work. We see works like this, and picture the mewling, drooling imbecile with a crayon in his fist chuckling to himself about something we will never understand. Any self-conscious wink or nudge at the audience, no matter how slight, shatters the illusion, and we realize that it's all an act. Of course, we know it's all an act anyway, but on a different level. Specifically, seeing the author have some kind of awareness of his audience ruins the character of the author. You bastard.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Ferucio--exactly what discussion are you wondering about having? Summer--I disagree!
08/31/2004 qualcomm: let me amplify my last fucking comment. i think graphic shorts are overrated because most people can't draw. i believe they stun certain jerks into a stupor not unlike that of the aborigine on seeing his image reproduced by a polaroid.

clearly, this rankles my chancre. it's like giving a short written in russian 5 stars because you (or most people) can't speak russian. i would point to my very own "Penny Pulaski" as Exhibit A. It's one of my few offerings that has all 5s. But in terms of actual witty jokes, it's far inferior to many lower-rated shorts of mine. the sheer novelty of the thing is what got it perfect marks. we have succumbed to the mcluhan/paglia-predicted ascendancy of the image. the horror.

Exhibit B is benjamin maniacs. he has given a 5 to every pony short he ever voted on. what the fuck, benny?
08/31/2004 TheBuyer: Mr. Pony, OSS - normally I would just assume you are right, but not in this case. Tim the Duck broke the fourth wall in the second It's A Pants! when he introduces himself. I think even though the author is retarded, Tim is [slightly] less retarded and he's stayed in character so far.
08/31/2004 qualcomm: nevertheless, this thing is intolerably homo, and i hate intolerance
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Buyer--I'm not talking about the duck breaking the fourth wall--I'm talking about the author doing it.
08/31/2004 TheBuyer: oh. right. never mind then.
08/31/2004 Litcube: Ha hag ag nagah ga gahn na
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Benny actually gave this one a four. But I see what you're saying! Thanks, Benny! It's nice that you appreciate me! Summer, while I think your Russian analogy is false (because not everyone can understand russian--maybe someone who cooks a really good meal or guy who paints a really nice picture would be a better analogy) I tend to agree with you. Furthermore, I think we've already had this conversation. Here's what I learned! As a drawer, I can communicate more than you, in less space (especially when depicting human emotion). As a writer, you have far more control than I do. You can, for the most part, discuss higher-fallootin' stuff. Certain tools are good for certain jobs. Even furthermore, Penny Pulaski has the added benefit of utilizing time. We have all heard of this comedic timing thing, something one can only simulate in written and drawn work. Not saying it's better than all of your shorts, but as people, as humans, as mammals, we are more likely to respond to things we had to learn to respond to during the time our species spent growing up. Visual stimuli, human faces, an experience of time; things which even the very best writing take to an ultimate abstraction. I'm not sure what Macluhan & Paglia there are all about, but for them to "predict the ascendancy of the image" seems pretty stupid to me. Litcube: Yes.
08/31/2004 qualcomm: the one thing i disagree with in your comparison of words and cartoons is the timing thing. i think writing can show great timing. it's relative timing - where a particular line falls as related to what comes before and after it. this is what i meant when i said today's author short has good rhythm. and yeah, it's mine.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: You're right, of course. So can drawings. I'm very proud of the pacing of this one (which I admit is mine, by the way). I was just saying that any such depiction of the passage of time is simulated, and requires extra effort on the part of the reader to experience it in a meaningful way. Time (which may or may not be a thing) has been experienced in one way for more than 99% of our evolution. The time simulated by prose or even sequential art is a relatively new thing in the world, and even the worst Powerpoint presentation better mimics the way we perceive time to flow in our minds in our day-to-day monkey lives. Anyway, I didn't mean to get hung up on time. I was just using it to illustrate the differences in the levels of abstraction. I'm very disappointed in you, by the way.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony (2): What is it with Litcube's shorts that they're always sparking debate?
08/31/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan: Sorry I was present for so little of this discussion, and it's not exactly what I was thinking about, but a valid subject anyway. OSS, your Penny Pulaski short I think has great timing, and I don't feel like it's good just because it's graphic. I think OSS's comment about graphic shorts being overrated is an interesting one, I would like to pose this, Obviously not all graphic shorts get high marks, and not all crappy written shorts get low marks. Some crappy written shorts are extremely effective due to matters of taste. F'rinstance, I happen to like Mr. Pony's style, and thus I find that I'm often giving him three or more stars. Is it because he's graphical, and that appeals to me? maybe so, but it may be that I just like his sense of humor. Any thoughts about that? Certain tastes dictate the star distribution? Pony isn't Number one Author just because he makes pretty pictures, is he?
08/31/2004 qualcomm: yes.
08/31/2004 Mr. Pony: Hooray!
08/31/2004 Jon Matza: Must agree this one doesn't work. I thought the line "I am an donkey" was pretty funny, though.
09/1/2004 Will Disney (5):
09/1/2004 Litcube: Hey!?
12/24/2004 Shane Mahoney: I fail to see how this piece addresses the pressing issue of how we are moving forward in our application of the North American ideal of preservation and the stewardship of our vital natural rezources.
12/24/2004 The Finch: I believe the lack of a vote on the comment below is an error on Shane Mahoney's Part; and not a clue.
The Finch