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Aesopís Modern Fables (#2)

Would she pass the litmus test? That was the key. Richard had just finished watching the striptease scene in True Lies for the seventh or eighth time in three days. You know the one. And he was excited. But not for the usual reasons. On-screen, the heat was generated between a married couple, and since Richard had grown weary of dating and now longed for a wife, the scene had started to make a particularly strong impression and filled him with hope and optimism. For his friends had tried to dissuade him. "It's gonna be so dull, man. The same broad over and over again?"

It was Thursday night, and Richard was eagerly anticipating his first date with Robin. The litmus test alluded to earlier went like this: if the date went well and he managed to sleep with Robin, then she wasn't marriage material; on the other hand, if she insisted on progressing slowly and developing a more meaningful, lasting bond, then she was a keeper.

At the end of the night, Robin left him at the door with a mere peck on the cheek. There was a part of Richard that wanted to go all the way. Specifically a 4.25" semi-flaccid part. But a larger part, namely his heart, became filled with happiness.

They continued dating for six months, after which time Richard proposed marriage. Robin accepted.

Several months later, at the end of the wedding night, it was finally time to consummate the marriage. Richard couldn't wait. He was so excited! Robin thought it would be sexiest to lift up her dress. Richard agreed. But he suddenly leapt backward in shock when he discovered a "chorizo" of indeterminate length to the side of, or above, or somewhere around the standard female sexual organ.

The Moral of the Story:
Nature Has a Sense of Humor. But It May Be Different From Yours.

Date Written: October 11, 2004
Author: Turgid
Average Vote: 4

10/21/2004 The Rid: You had me until the grammatical error in the moral: "It May Be Different FROM Yours."
10/21/2004 anonymous: Crap! I'm fixing it.
10/21/2004 qualcomm: chorizo ripoff
10/21/2004 Mr. Pony: Robin should have warned Richard that she was part food!
10/21/2004 TheBuyer: Rob still has a vag though, eh?
10/21/2004 anonymous: I see that I inadvertently infringed on a chorizo copyright. Please advise.
10/21/2004 qualcomm: if you are streifenbeuteldachs, it's going to look real bad.
10/21/2004 anonymous: Nope.
10/21/2004 TheBuyer: What, he didn't fuck Fitz's sister too, did he?
10/21/2004 TheBuyer (5):
10/21/2004 The Finch: It would seem to the casual observer that this short was written by Turgid, and not Streifenbeuteldachs.
The Finch
10/22/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs (3):