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Some chicks freak out when you cum on their face for the first time. When that happens, just get the fuck out of there. Don't worry about saying goodbye; she's so embarrassed that she'll deny she knows you.

If you can cum on your chick's face and she doesn't complain, she's a keeper.

You can trust a chick with cum on her cheek, because if she lets you blast a glob of molten love sauce onto her chin and eyebrows, chances are she likes you. In fact, she might love you. She doesn't just let any old Tom, Dick or Harry blow it in her hair. Think about it.

When she takes the end of your cock and rubs it all over her lips, you can rest assured she'll probably pick up your dry cleaning after work. Seriously. You just blew a wad in her ear. You can trust her to pick up the dry cleaning.

And this chick isn't gonna fuck your college roommate when he blows through town; she may have a load of cum up her nose and a smile on her face, but you can relax with the knowledge that it's YOUR cum she's smiling about.

Really. She looks pretty stupid eating a hot jizz sandwich, so if she orders one, chances are she's likes it. You're home free.

Date Written: October 29, 2004
Author: The Rid
Average Vote: 4.1667

11/5/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs (4): I enjoyed the message this was presenting, but felt that the first halves of many of the sentences were better than the second halves. 3.5
11/5/2004 TREE (4): I enjoyed the way this story flowed but can't take the message as truth . I mean for 20$ a lot of chicks will let you do that .
11/5/2004 TheBuyer: "If you can cum on your chick's face and she doesn't complain, she's a keeper" is clutch.
11/5/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs: I disagree that it was clutch. That was one of the many sentences that started great but ended poorly. Still, this short has stamina.
11/5/2004 TheBuyer (4): We're going opposite directions to the same end, I think.
11/5/2004 anonymous: TREE, let's assume the author is addressing guys who DON'T pay for blowjobs.
11/5/2004 TREE: lets assume the Author gets blowjobs. Everyone pays for head. Might not pay cash but that is how quality is controlled. If you pay enough they all let you come in thier face.
11/5/2004 Litcube (4): Streifen', I had to use my right elbow and a used sticky to cover up the first half of the sentence in every paragraph. As it turns out, I disagree with you. However, I also disagree with TheBuyer. We're moving apart from each other at 120 degree angles, but eventually meet in the middle.
11/6/2004 Mr. Pony (4): One note, but clear and true. 3.58
11/8/2004 Will Disney: How do you know she doesn't let any Tom, Dick, etc. blow jizz in her hair? It seems kind of counterintuitive.
11/8/2004 The Rid: Because she's a nice girl.
12/9/2004 The Rid: Man, this is fucking hilarious!
02/17/2005 Jawbreaker (5): I don't freak out!