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Scrither Mcdago stood quietly waiting his turn in the change rooms. He was very excited as it had been months since he bought new underwear. When his turn came he skipped laughing into the room and looked smilingly at the full length mirror. He wondered to himself if everyone tried on underwear before they bought them. He dropped his pants and opened the package of bikini style as well as boxers and brief's he had also picked up a thong but decided it really wouldn't do what he required underwear to do. After slipping the briefs on and off he noticed they pulled some of his rather large collection of "dingle berries" off with them. No no this won't do he folded the underwear careful not to lose any shit drops and put them back in the packaging, careful to make sure it did not appear opened. After carefully adding a shitstain and or a handful of crunchy nuggets to each package he slowly eased the door handle into his ass spun a few times and dressed

he casually handed the packaged shitsmeared undies to the salesclerk "no these won't do" and quietly wandered back to his office in customer satisfaction department.

Date Written: November 04, 2004
Author: TREE
Average Vote: 2.2

11/11/2004 Dick Vomit: Ugh. I try not to one-star, but I'm tempted in this case.
11/11/2004 The Rid (1): Relax, I'll do it for you.
11/11/2004 The Rid: Get it? He works in customer satisfaction, but he's the one causing the problems. Ha!
11/11/2004 Dick Vomit (1): Wait. No. Fuck it.
11/11/2004 qualcomm: based on punctuation: TREE
11/11/2004 The Rid: There's a pending guest short called "I'm a little TREE." Cripes, I can't wait!
11/11/2004 Ol‘ Summer Sausage (3): get away from my perfect score
11/11/2004 qualcomm: ?
11/11/2004 Constitution McButtbutt: Scrither Mcdago? I gotta say, that's an interesting name, I gotta say!
11/11/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs (3):
11/11/2004 scoop's brain: You know if you stripped away the stupid custumer satisfaction gag and just had a man unhappy with the selection of underwear available I think it would've been great. If you had an Igantius J. Reilly type glaring down superscilliously at the clerk complaining about how the underwear don't fit his theological and geometric standards and what not that last line would've been Jumbo Lump.
11/11/2004 qualcomm: ah, bullshit... what you just described is nowhere near what this short was even going for at any point
11/11/2004 scoop: I think what my brain meant to say, ass hole, is that this short blew an oppurtunity. My brain never actually said this was shooting for Confederacy, just that it had the buidling blocks for what could have been a funny short in that vein. The last line in fact made my brain conjur images of Reilly squeezing his shanks into a pair of calvin klein boxer briefs. Granted, that's mostly due to my freewheeling intelligence and less to do with this short.
11/12/2004 TheBuyer (3):