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It was hard being an emotionally reticent movie star. Everyone always interpreted his silence as depth or pain, but the truth was that he just didn't like to talk. Everyone always demanding things of you. Wanting you to play some stupid part that's been played before, or do some charity event that you didn't believe in. The free car that came with the appearance wasn't worth selling your soul.

He sighed and looked down at the hot groupie chick giving him head. Same old thing. Suck, shoot, "I'll call you," yeah, whatever.

It was gonna be a shit day.

Date Written: November 11, 2004
Author: The Rid
Average Vote: 3.5

11/18/2004 Will Disney: This guy should try looking on the bright side!
11/18/2004 The Rid: Lotsa shorts about head today!
11/18/2004 TREE (4): This entertained so gets 3 stars and 1 extra for being exactly 100 words
11/18/2004 anonymous: Glad someone noticed.
11/18/2004 Mr. Pony (4): It's the flip side of It's So Depressing! Things are bad all around!
11/18/2004 Turgid: You see? You see what I'm getting at?
11/18/2004 TheBuyer: even though it goes against everything I stand for, I like it better without the blowjob. That 100 words exactly thing is a pretty cool idea/personal goal.
11/18/2004 TREE: I think the blowjob really emphasizes the point
11/18/2004 Turgid (3): I could do without the last sentence.
11/18/2004 TheBuyer: tree - ya, but it feels telegraphed and tacked on for the sake of itself. Not that I have a problem with that kind of thing in general, but in this case it lacks conviction.
11/18/2004 Litcube (3): Tacked on? That's the punchline, duder. The last line, I think, much like fat chicks, we could all do without.
11/18/2004 anonymous: Turgid, I would think you of all people would get the last line. Isn't that the whole point? See what I'm getting at? I suggest a corrective 5 star from someone!
11/18/2004 TheBuyer: Punchline or not, that's how it reads. The last line though is totally swizzle-stick.
11/18/2004 anonymous: I have to say, I'm stunned at the idea that the blowjob is not working with you, Buyer. No matter what they say about the art of acting, doesn't every crap Hollywood star secretly want all the head in the world? Here you've met the one who doesn't. No tacking.
11/18/2004 anonymous: That said, if you don't like it, you just don't like it.
11/18/2004 TREE: The buyer will always get upset when someone is getting head and not enjoying it
11/18/2004 Turgid: I'm just not digging the last line. I think the short would be better without it. I think "yeah, whatever" conveys this guy's attitude perfectly.
11/18/2004 anonymous: Point taken. I thought it offered a little more insight into the actor's psyche, but I guess you didn't!
11/18/2004 TheBuyer: tree - what can I say, I'm empathic like that
11/18/2004 TREE: Buyer...nothing wrong with that..slut
01/26/2005 The Rid: I, The Rid, admit it: I like this short.