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“What is that, your scrotum?” Claudette asked, pointing to the little leather pouch in my lap.

“No, silly, that’s my change purse,” I said. I pulled it open and fished around for a quarter to demonstrate, but before I could I blew out a gutful of barf.

“Oh shit,” I said at last, “you were right. That was my scrotum!”

Date Written: December 09, 2004
Author: James K. Polk
Average Vote: 4.25

12/21/2004 qualcomm (4): ha
12/21/2004 Ewan Snow (5): Extra credit for concision.
12/21/2004 Litcube (5):
12/21/2004 scoop (4): All right , all right I give up. What happened to the quarter?
12/21/2004 TheBuyer (4): Hey, good one!
12/21/2004 Dick Vomit (4): [no comment]
12/21/2004 scoop: Dick Vomit doesn't have time to comment on this short. He's busy putting together a NIMBY community group to fight the construction of an Ikea.
12/21/2004 hagit mizrachy (4): surly
12/21/2004 The Rid (4): A little jokey, no? Well, funny tho.
12/21/2004 John Slocum (4): Very easy and pleasurable.
12/21/2004 Dick Vomit: Scoop, dude. Those are brackets and not parentheses and therefore I took the time to TYPE "no comment". But what do you care? You just want to bash me on this ikea thing. That's cool, though, man. Time to rework your shooting routine. Plus, Ikea = JOBS.
12/22/2004 John Slocum: Salutations, Mr. President. Nice work on the Scrotum short.
12/22/2004 John Slocum: This is downright Disneyian.
12/22/2004 Will Disney (4): ha - for the barf
12/22/2004 Litcube: I thought this was Disney.
12/22/2004 qualcomm: [Italics Hitler's]
12/22/2004 Ewan Snow: QC, that would be a decent joke if it had any context at all. I mean, there aren't even any italics. I mean, what the heck?
12/22/2004 qualcomm: yeah, i just read that somewhere and put it up for everyone's enjoyment. however, the bracketed attribution of italics are usually not themselves italicized. and come on, does it really need context? it's very ecomical as is. certainly a fellow can extrapolate an italicized passage written by hitler.
12/22/2004 The Rid: George Hitler?
12/22/2004 qualcomm: *economical*
01/11/2005 Mr. Pony (5): Aw, man this is great.
01/11/2005 Ewan Snow: yes, i know, qc, but i didn't say that the attribution "[italics mine]" is usually italicized. I was just saying that it seems like a waste of a joke that you might have saved to use in context, i.e. after something italicized.
01/11/2005 Ewan Snow: scoop, you ass, there is no quarter! it's not a change purse. it's his fucking scrotum!
01/11/2005 Ewan Snow: Man, this one is good. James K. Polk is hit or miss, though.
01/12/2005 anonymous: no he isnt
01/12/2005 cuntry (4): nice.