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Dick Fuck fucked Pussy Cunt.

Pussy Cunt bitched, “Pussy Cunt fuckin’ cock.”
“Fuckin’ slut ho,” Dick frigged.
“Fuckin’ fuck ass,” Pussy Cunt pissed.
“Fuck ass?!” Dick Fuck pricked.

Dick Fuck fuckin’ butt-screwed Pussy Cunt .

“Bloody whore arse bugger cumhole faggot!” queefed Pussy Cunt.
“Shit clit!” Dick jacked.

Date Written: December 10, 2004
Author: hagit mizrachy
Average Vote: 1.3333

12/22/2004 Will Disney: So, there is a narrative here that can be worked out. On top of it, I can't get back the 90 seconds of my life I spent working it out, right?
12/22/2004 TheBuyer: Racist.
12/22/2004 Streifenbeuteldachs: I liked it when PC queefed at him.
12/22/2004 qualcomm: craft. process.
12/22/2004 The Rid: So if I 2-star this, do I risk an all out brow-beating, or what?
12/22/2004 Ewan Snow: Yes... for overrating.
12/22/2004 TheBuyer (1): Rid, maybe for the second star.
12/22/2004 The Rid (1): Good.
12/22/2004 Litcube (2): Embarrassingly, I chortled.
12/22/2004 anonymous: Craft? I am the anticraft. I'm the fuckin' Marilyn Manson of this sight you Ken and Barbi traditionalists.
12/22/2004 hagit mizrachy: Or however you spell Barby.
12/22/2004 anonymous: Hagit, someday they'll understand the me that is we.
12/22/2004 hagit mizrachy: You and who, Barbee?
12/23/2004 The Finch: The exchange below is intriguing, hagit mizrachy.
The Finch