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The Businessman is not excessively kind to anyone, but he is not overly rude. He spends much time reading the paper or flipping through magazines.

The telephone, for him, is an excuse. Perhaps to put on an air of humanity. Gossip, fashion advice spilling forth from his lips like Evian spilling over a dam.

He spends his time reading, flipping through the paper. Who has that account? Where will it end up?

"I feign interest in all my work, especially small accounts, although this is my main concern."

Says his secretary, "He likes to tell me that what I'm wearing is not appropriate. He forgets appointments or sometimes skips them, but it's nothing he can't correct or have corrected.

"One time, we went to dinner together. He pretended his name was Schwartz and got us a table. I thought it was great."

He reads on page three of the Post that a half rat-half pigeon creature is making its way from Harlem to midtown.

He finds the time wasted on this article to be pointless. Someone faked a photograph of the creature; others had to write about it; yet more people had a meeting on whether it was newsworthy.

He closes the paper, exhausted. He is filled with dread.

His taste is impeccable. He rarely, if ever, makes fashion mistakes. Summer sports in the summer, winter sports in the winter. He does not care to be corrected on any clothing choices. The clothes are tailored. He wants to present an air, if only because he likes to look better than others.

Never wear white pants after Labor Day. The shoes are always perfect. They never overpower or undermine the chosen suit. He keeps a spare suit in the office in case one is soiled over the course of a day.

"Where are the Armani loafers that go with these pants?"

His apartment houses a large James Kennedy original. His guests love its muted colors and Irish landscape.

"He has a good eye for backgrounds."

The guests will stand and admire the background, whisper, admire some more.

The painting may be hung upside down. He can't decide. And he hopes no one asks.

"There is so much pointless violence in the world. It makes me sad that someone would kill for no good reason. Revenge is a good reason. Excitement, passion, jealousy. Someone you'd really like to see get what is deserved. The girl who broke your heart in your third year, for example. Why should she live?"

At Brooks Brothers. His gloves, his coat, his briefcase beside him on the floor. He retains his wallet. His eyes run over a shirt and tie he holds. Clerk offers to help him find a more suitable tie, something more tonal.

Businessman closes his eyes, pondering; it's lost on him. No, he makes the connection. Clerk holds another tie, ready to assist him. Businessman turns and clasps a hand around Clerk's neck. Businessman looks flushed; he gasps.

"Just what I was looking for."

Date Written: December 12, 2004
Author: The Rid
Average Vote: 2.6667

12/24/2004 hagit mizrachy: Sorry but I'm confused. Tough to rate what I don't understand. The clerk was wearing the tie the businessman wanted? He's making a joke to guests about killing the girl who broke his heart in the third year? He's telling a big client that he feigns interest in little clients? His guests are saying "He has a good eye for backgrounds." I do like how the choppy blandness of the writing reflects the attributes of the businessman.
12/24/2004 anonymous: No, the clerk wasn't wearing the tie; he was making suggestions. Read it again.
12/24/2004 TheBuyer (4):
12/24/2004 Litcube: Hrm.
12/25/2004 hagit mizrachy: OK so this is a Hendrix "white collar conservative flashing down the avenue" whose loses his shit from the banality of his existence and chokes a tie clerk, no?
12/25/2004 The Rid: Hagit, I think you're putting a little too much thought into it. But I was thinking more like Bobby Kennedy - if he was evil. Whatever.
12/25/2004 Litcube: I think what The Rid was trying to say here, was, "thank you for taking the time to ponder my work. When at first you didn't understand, you persisted when you could have cast aside my labour like so many others. When persistence failed, you took the time to query the author as if you cared! Thank you for your courtesy and patience! Also, Merry Christmas, Hagit, you affable Jew you!
12/25/2004 The Rid: Something like that, Litcube. Merry Christmas to all! Huzzah!
12/27/2004 qualcomm (2): i like the documentary, present-tense style here, but the content is just so damned unfunny and cliche.
12/28/2004 scoop (2): You really fucked the pooch on this one The Rid. Lot of promise, lot of chops. I was enamored with your expert handling of this documentarian device, but what the fuck were you thinking with this hackneyed idea, dude? I mean come on! Context was boss, but the cuntent lacked sexy elasticity and viscosity.
12/28/2004 The Rid: Scoop, I think I'm seeing a pattern of "Good idea - mediocre follow-through." Worth investigating, I think.