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Her ass pressed up against a tree. Flesh into bark, pink bands. The crease at the top of the thigh and the lines at the base of her back. Stretch marks she doesnít know are there. Itís not that late. You dance a jig and try to whistle.

Later on is different. The stores are closed and it's getting cold. You walk outside, to walk outside.

People pass. You want them to think you're going somewhere. You walk faster. The glasses give you purpose.

Around the corner, that big dog's piss turns to ice the instant it hits pavement. He starts to howl. Horrible sounds. Why do they call him "Mama"?

Two girls walk by and giggle. The one on the left looks at you, her eyes swish back and forth. This is it, you think. This could really do it.

Date Written: December 16, 2004
Author: cuntry
Average Vote: 3

01/4/2005 Litcube: Airea is back!
01/4/2005 The Rid: This does smell of Airea, doesn't it?
01/4/2005 Ewan Snow: No.
01/4/2005 The Rid: Mluh.
01/4/2005 Jon Matza: Paul Auster?
01/4/2005 Dylan Danko: Art Paul Schlosser?
01/4/2005 anonymous: Mark-Paul Gosselaar?
01/4/2005 hagit mizrachy: Schlosser or Brickell.
01/4/2005 John Slocum: Schloss Rheinhartshauser Riesling Auslese Rauenthaler Baiken.
01/4/2005 Mr. Joshua: I'm tracking you, Slocum....come over here
01/5/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (3): Vague, but respectable.
01/5/2005 The Rid: You know, I think this isn't a half bad piece of writing. It conjures up a sort of mid '80s Bret Easton Ellis pre-American Psycho vibe. But what is the point of it being here?
01/5/2005 qualcomm: say, author, can you speak TO this piece? what's it all about?
01/5/2005 Jon Matza: Yes, author--what should we make of these maddeningly impressionistic fragments? How dare you! Re "This could really do it": what could really do what? Is the eye swishing girl flirting w/the narrator? Is he(?)saying "this girl could be the one"? Daring of you to post this...
01/5/2005 hagit mizrachy: Cuntry, I just reread this. First read I thought it was homless sex, but now I'm thinkin' did the dude rape the first woman and then get mockingly oogled and giggled at by the girls. And did it piss him off so much he's ready to rape and murder this time.
01/5/2005 cuntry: i kinda thought it was about loneliness... remembering something intimate, getting revved by the memory, venturing outside because now it feels okay, but not quite because you need to look like you're doing something, hoping to get laid... as to the rape scenario, if a rapist is attentive enough to notice tiny stretch marks, well, maybe it's not rape then.
01/5/2005 TheBuyer (3): huh, I used to do that all the time, it's fun. sometimes it even works and you get laid! Not me, closest I came was getting chased by feral children in a park, but I'm sure someone has scored by wandering around in the middle of the night looking for it, consensually, even.
01/5/2005 The Rid: Hagit: Edie Brickell?
01/5/2005 hagit mizrachy (3): http://www.brickellmotors.com/
01/5/2005 The Rid (3): (explanation notwithstanding)
01/5/2005 Phony Millions: Interesting haiku, but you and your comments disturb me, Cuntry. Doctor, 100cc's of thorazine right this instant!