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Dear Dr. Lin,

A bit more touchy issue, but you have discussed it before in your forum, and actually answered a previous question that I sent in concerning this topic. Back when I was having sexual problems, I introduced my wife(much younger) to sex with our dog. Ever since I recovered from the sexual problems, I still allow my wife to have the dog about once a week, which I help her with.

Our dog is half Lab and half Dane. His penis is 8.75" from tip to the back of his knot, but when the 3.5" diameter knot swells behind her pubic bone, it pulls the back of the knot inside another inch or so, so I have always reasoned his penis to be "effectively" 10 inches when he "ties" with my wife.

My question is actually related to your 11/16/02 answer to another reader, in which you state that it is possible for a penis to penetrate up through the cervix, and actually enter the uterus. I didn't think that was even possible due to the small size of the cervical opening. My wife has been very slightly retrograde since the recent birth of our last baby, but the doctor said not extremely so. Due to your explanation of "angle of attack", I always try to get my wife's hip's very low by having her spread her legs apart quite wide when she kneels in the doggy position. This usually allows me to get the dog to mount so that his penis goes in a strong angle of attack along her vaginal front wall. Most of the time, the tip goes into the proper epicenter gap, and produces Level-7 orgasms maybe one third of the time, provided my wife is very close to orgasm just before entry.

However, my wife has said that some times during the fast and furious entry stroking, the tip of the dog's penis "catches the lip" of her cervix. Most of the time, the motion just corrects itself and the shaft realigns sending it into the epicenter gap. But she claims there have been several times when the tip "caught the lip" of her cervix at precisely the same time that our dog was making his "full depth" stroke(as you know, this happens in the wink of an eye with male dogs).

Anyway, she "claims" the dogs penis violently forced it's way up through her cervix deep up into her uterus. I do know that these times she reacted much differently, with a surprised scream on the claimed uterine entry stroke. This was followed immediately by an apparent, high contraction count level-7 orgasms. As you know, when a dog ties, he is in for a long time. My wife claims that during the entire tie, she had little orgasmic contractions of her uterus that were exactly matching the hot ejaculation spurts of the dog's semen hitting the very back of her uterus. It's like the hot ejaculate was triggering pleasurable spasms originating in her womb. Well, I told her that I thought it was just an unusually effective penetration deep up into her epicenter gap, but she claims it was much different.

I still have doubts, but after reading your 11/16/02 response to the reader, I started wondering. Is it really possible Dr. Lin? If it is, I would think it would be painful instead of pleasurable. I am guessing that my wife's womb is no more than 6 inches up inside her vagina when she is sexually hot. With my dog's 10" of penetration, that would mean he had 4" inside of her womb.

Another thing that makes me wonder if it really did happen is that my dog was wimpering more than usual and was tied a full 25-30 minutes during these sessions(he averages about a 10-15 minute tie). He also seemed to ejaculate roughly 50% more sperm than usual. If what she said is true, I'm sure her spasming womb was giving him a much tighter sheath than her vagina. However, this part is probably just my erotic imagination, since I am not sure a dog penis would even be sensitive to that. Anyway, her claim just really seems quite unbelievable. Can you comment on this?

Date Written: February 06, 2005
Author: Coleoptera King
Average Vote: 1

02/23/2005 Jawbreaker: Ewwwww.
02/23/2005 qualcomm: plagiarized
02/23/2005 The Rid: Agreed. Can't read this at work.
02/23/2005 The Rid: Yikes! QC, how did you find out so fast? Did it seem plagiarized? Jus' curious.
02/23/2005 qualcomm: yeah, the details seemed too real
02/23/2005 TheBuyer: Is this another 'performance' short or is someone really that fucking stupid?
02/23/2005 Dick Vomit (1): QC, sir. I was reading this thinking it must be a copy/paste job, too. WAY, WAY too much detail. Anyway, FIE on Author.
02/23/2005 TheBuyer (1): Vomit is right, fie or whatever.
02/23/2005 Will Disney: author, explain thyself!
02/23/2005 Litcube: [Litcube's hand moves toward the hilt of his sword.]
02/23/2005 TheBuyer: Litcube, this thing is over half a thousand, unoriginal words, what are you waiting for? Kill it before it breeds, KILL IT!!
02/23/2005 The Rid (1):
02/23/2005 The Rid: Hey, Disney! Can we have a five lowest-rated shorts section, too? This might win! Or tie, I guess. Ah, fuck me; it'll do something.
02/23/2005 Litcube: [Litcube's hand moves toward Crossbow of Over-500-Word-Short Slaying.]
02/23/2005 Mr. Pony: Author?
02/23/2005 Mr. Pony: Author!
02/23/2005 anonymous: Author! Author!
They share the laughter, the love, the frustration... and the bathroom.
02/23/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: My god, I think this short scarred me. I was about to 5 star this, then saw qc's comment.
02/23/2005 TheBuyer: Coleoptera King, he did it before.
here's the original, here's the SHAME.
02/23/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: How can you tell this is Coleoptera King?
02/23/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: And can I retract the 5 I gave the other short? Still, even if this guy can't write, he has a real talent for finding bizarre stories.
02/23/2005 Litcube: Perhaps Cleopatra King was the original athr of both pieces. Much like how Cooper Green posted some of his old works on Acmeshorts. Its a possibility to be considered before we break out the pitchforks & torches.
02/23/2005 Mr. Pony: So who's Rhinoman, then? Author?
02/23/2005 Mr. Pony: Author?