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Some people like to see things half empty, while others, the "optimists," like to see them half full.

Darlene broke my heart last night. Said we weren't right for one another, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

But I'm a waxing gibbous kind of guy. I see things nearly full, and generally illuminated from the right.

Darlene thought the moon looked full last night. But it wasn't. It was waxing gibbous.

Date Written: February 21, 2005
Author: Turgid
Average Vote: 2.25

03/3/2005 The Rid: I have to look up "gibbous."
03/3/2005 The Rid: Okay, I looked it up. This short still isn't funny.
03/3/2005 anonymous: It's wistful, not just funny...
03/3/2005 TheBuyer (3): I think that even though 'waxing gibbous' is a funny thing to say (I'm saying it right now, it's a good one), it's not enough. Please describe her boobs.
03/3/2005 qualcomm: here's a much much much funnier use of gibbous.
03/3/2005 TheBuyer: (2.5 rounded in accordance with the unbreakable laws of maff)
03/3/2005 The Rid: Wistful? Really? Doesn't wistful imply that there's a tinge of honesty along with the melancholy? I feel like the emotions here are fake. ie, you want to use the word gibbous for the sake of using the word gibbous, so you created a device in which you could use the word gibbous. Not funny, and definitely not wistful.
03/3/2005 anonymous: Well, I was hoping the honesty of the brokenhearted sentiment would should through. And that the narrator's fixation on the term would belie the fact that he's getting past it.
03/3/2005 Litcube: Hey, Ofir, I thought I'd drop you a line! How ya' doin'? I don't know what to make of your short.

03/3/2005 Will Disney: I admire the attempt at this tone, which is very difficult to strike in a true manner, and as The Rid points out with unusual clarity, requires brutal emotional honesty. I myself have tried to strike this kind of tone probably more than the other authors, and with varying degrees of success.
03/3/2005 anonymous: Hello, Litcube. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to speak with you. I'm doing well.

The Author
03/3/2005 The Rid: Disney, thanks for the left-handed compliment! I agree with your assesment that something like this needs brutal emotional truth. It is hard to strike. I'm rarely successful at it myself.
03/3/2005 anonymous: Points for brevity, readers.
03/3/2005 The Rid (2): Brevity doesn't count for much if the idea doesn't hold up.
03/3/2005 Benny Maniacs (2): This had potential, but in my opinion, ended badly due to the author's glee over his waxing gibbousness, which became the point of the short.
03/3/2005 anonymous: Not glee, friend. Heartbreak.
03/3/2005 Partytime: I enjoy the sad tone here. I guess the sad part is that the dumped is gonna go on in misery. When he sees a full moon he'll be like, "It's full, but it's techincally only full for an instant, its always waxing or waning--just like joy and life" While the dumper is gonna always be like, "Hey everyone, only six days 'til the next full moon!! Let's plan a full moon toga!!"
03/4/2005 deliciousbrains (2): "gibbous"