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So many people were instrumental in bringing this book to print that it would be impossible to thank them all adequately without embarking on a new tome altogether. Thank you to my "editor," Charlie Forsythe, whom I lovingly dub “Charlie Slave Massa”. Some perceive Chucker's attention to detail as sociopathic, but this writer views the old dittohead as just occassionally abrasive; Slave Massa's a man of ignoble beginnings in the noble quest for perfection. “Power props” to my most esteemed “nigro,” Darryll Y. Jackson for acting as my minority sounding board regarding issues of sensitivity to race, and other writes and rongs. (Seriously thanks bro-dog). Third and foremost, the laudable work contained herein would truly have been impossible without the tiresome efforts of my foreign-born wife, Regina, who, having labored dutifully under my weight and perennial potency for a quarter century, has earned quite an honorable mention. (Honey, this is the last book--I promise!! Wink wink.)

Thanks especially to Jack Tarver at Pheasant Ocean Estates, whose on-the-green consultations invariably ran a second round of 18, and greatly raised the caliber of both the "Discourse with the Walrus God" chapter and my golf game. Thanks too to Barley Finn for his ever humorous critique and assistance in dumming-down the text for a working class audience. (Buy ya a keg o' Murphy’s and some new teet if dis sells a million). I must also extend a sympathetic recognition to the librarians at the Doring Theological Archive, who clearly sacrafice their personalities and looks in the interest of public service. Yes, thank you to Gladys, Peggy, and even that impertinent lesbian who does weekend research. And...(sound the trumpets!)a special thank you and encouragement to all the vigorous book-buying people I see on the street during my daily health strolls; I proffer unto thee. A final thanks to my childhood sweetheart Jennifer Heathroad, whose timely death provided me with not only a remarkable depth of soul, but also the impetus to forge this truly inspirational document that stretches before you, much as a desert highway.


Date Written: March 22, 2005
Author: Partytime
Average Vote: 4.4

03/28/2005 Klause Muppet: Should I die from reading this?
03/28/2005 Klause Muppet: Suddenly the reader suffered a fatal heart attack. *ulk*
03/28/2005 Templeton Dink: What the duece?
03/28/2005 grandpa: Well I'll be.
03/28/2005 Klause Muppet (4): I'm hoping the Author will be posting Graylick's full novel.
03/28/2005 Litcube (5):
03/29/2005 Dylan Danko (4): Hey there, Partytime.
03/29/2005 Klause Muppet: So what the fuck is going on here???
03/29/2005 TheBuyer (4): I guess that's about as close to internal topical satire as we're gonna come.
03/29/2005 Partytime: Templeton old man, this short was pending when yours was published. I was all like, OMG, my piece is theme-similar to the morning short. So I just added the name Graylick to the end for fun.
03/29/2005 Templeton Dink: Yes, I gathered. I thought it was a pretty funny gag, especially considering the vast difference in tone. Reminds me of Nabob coffee. The word 'nabob' is like the word 'massa' except for a governor in India during the Moguala empire not a redneck in Mississippi with a bullwhip.
That said, I ain't ratin it, ya hahd ahn.
03/29/2005 qualcomm: templeton, how did you discover acme shorts?
03/29/2005 Templeton Dink: smartie jones. if I did the link helper correctly, that should be a link to a google search for Smarty Jones that I spelled wrong.
03/29/2005 Cyrus: Carefull Dink. QC has a habit of misunderstanding what is posted to him. He also is kinda funny to read when he gets worked up. Don't mention his pot belly.
03/29/2005 Ewan Snow (5): 4.X or so. I chuckled at several of the gags herein.