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My supporters were long gone and I guess it was about 10 pm when the worst of the cramps started to invade my arms and legs. It was a pain that I could not verbalize so I began, against my greatest effort, to cry. By midnight my entire body started to shake violently. I lost control of my bowels about a half hour later. At sometime after 3 am I no longer possessed any feeling in my right arm and the 15 pound bowling ball I had cradled for so long, in anticipation of my final roll, crashed to the ground sending a flood of what felt like shattered glass up my right leg and through my entire body. I was hobbled to my knees but fought to maintain my focus on the center position should the power at any moment return and after a brief, painful, crawl through shit, piss, and sweat I retrieved the ball and regained my winning posture. “When the power returns I will have to adjust my delivery to compensate for the drag of my broken foot” I told myself as I began to step through my revised final roll and ultimate victory in my head.

Date Written: May 31, 2005
Author: Shane
Average Vote: 3.5

06/7/2005 Will Disney: I'm glad this guy is keeping focused, here.
06/7/2005 The Rid: Seriously! Reminds of this guy I know who has great glutes, the strength of which is the only thing keeping him from losing control of his bowels!
06/7/2005 Jawbreaker: Wow Rid. I think I know the same guy!
06/7/2005 Klause Muppet: waiting... waiting...
06/7/2005 TheBuyer: Still not sure, Shane.
06/7/2005 Will Disney: Is Shane a real hu-man or just an Author's alias? He doesn't seem to say much.
06/8/2005 The Rid (4.5):
06/8/2005 Litcube (2.5):