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"So what do you do?" "I'm a sonic architect." "Where did you go to school for that?" "A prestigious East Coast university." Was i being too vague? "I use a wall of sound to create a theatre of the mind." I paused. "That's theatre with an r-e." I chuckled to myself, but every time I craned my head back to imbibe some more air, my goddamned turtleneck rubbed the hell out of my throat. As she got up to leave, I made one last attempt at salvaging the evening. "Do you like indie music?" "How do you define indie? Are we talking about a non-existent genre that encompasses about 100 styles? Or are you referring to bands that exist on truly independent labels?" I craned my head back once more, but nothing came out. Not even a gurgle. "That thing you're doing. Is that deliberate? Here's a question for you: Are you a homo...oh forget it." I was beginning to bring her down to my level. Instead of reinforcing a commonly damaged self-esteem, as was my old tendency, I created in her a false sense of superiority, about which she was soon to become ashamed (and apologetic). "My name's Veron...just call me Vee. Or Candy." "I'm Chuck. Well, Charles. Okay, Chuck! Just call me Chuck, okay?"

Date Written: June 24, 2005
Author: Turgid
Average Vote: 3.5

07/5/2005 Will Disney: How about 'Chucky'?
07/5/2005 qualcomm: this has some funny moments, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.
07/5/2005 Mr. Pony: Turgid, assuming this is you, I have a question for you about the levels of encryption you employ whilst writing shorts.
07/5/2005 Jon Matza: Setup was savory juice-burg but payoff was non-choice discount family-pak burg.
07/5/2005 scoop: Are you suggesting they use a different grade burg in the family-paks than they do in individuo-paks?
07/5/2005 Jon Matza: Well, yes...but only as a rhetorical contrivance to induce hilarity in my readership. I admit the family-pak burg can be every bit as succulent and nourishing as the individually apportioned savory juice-burg.
07/5/2005 Mr. Pony: Given the number of solitary diners in this lonely urban civilization, the quantity of individuo-paks sold is high when compared to the number of family-paks. Add to this the fact that individuo-paks are often used to supplement family-paks insufficiently sized for religious or immigrant families, and one can plainly see that the succulent burg of the individuo-pak surpasses that of the family-pak in one way: the way of freshness. One would suggest that the intelligent butcher would compensate for this by simply preparing fewer family-paks, but the simple fact of the matter is that they don't.
07/5/2005 Litcube: I think I understand this. I think I like it.
07/5/2005 Litcube (3.5): I think this is a 3.5.
07/6/2005 Turgid: Encryption?
07/6/2005 Mr. Pony: I feel like in a lot of your shorts (and I'm probably alone in thinking this) it often takes a couple of reads before I understand what's going on, if at all. I would say that your level of encryption is surpassed only by Rafus Butler. I realize that when writing Flash Fiction there is precious little space/time in which to set up a situation, but in your shorts in particular I often find myself adrift in a dark and moist box, catching only fleeting (and sometimes contradictory) cues to help me understand exactly what I am witnessing. I was wondering if you would care to comment on the nature/existence/intentionality/existenz/motivation behind/greater social implications of what appears to me to be a technique of impenetrability.
07/6/2005 Turgid: I suppose some of the confusion is due, as you suggest, to time constraints. But aside from that, I'm not making a concerted effort to create a certain density. I imagine that like a lot of writers here, I use particular words or phrases (rather than story ideas, per se) as places to start, which probably results in some of the narratives being confusing or convoluted. It's not intentional, if that's what you're getting at, but it probably is a weakness (if not always something unique in a positive sense).