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There she was, the hottest bitch on the floor, on all fours, giving as good as she got with Harvey Wallenstien. How I wished I was man enough to join in, but sloppy sevenths was never my style. What was it with me then? These feelings of inadequacy crept up inside, hindering all attempts to live a normal life. Was I sick or not sick enough? Was it wrong of me to withhold her medication until she agreed to service the entire wing? Was it wrong to video the hole experience? I am certain that charging rubes $29.95 for content is wrong, but when you're this far down, what can make things right? I didn't know, but decided my journey back to respectability would begin right here, right now with the first of a thousand difficult steps. Right after I dropped my briefs and came in grandma's face.

Date Written: June 27, 2005
Author: Kenji X
Average Vote: 3.5

07/7/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (4): We've all been there at one point or another.
07/7/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: We've all been there at one point or another.
07/7/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: THIS SITE HATES ME
07/7/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: THIS SITE HATES ME
07/7/2005 Partytime: I read your short.
07/7/2005 Will Disney: I'm going to have to work on that double posting thing, huh?
07/7/2005 Will Disney: Nice to see you back, Streif!
07/7/2005 Will Disney: I enjoyed the first two, horny paragraphs. Grandma joke didn't really cap it off for me - i think I would have liked a less slapsticky ending. also, is that "hole" thing on purpose?
07/7/2005 anonymous: I thought the last graf was indicative of this narrator/character's plight, that he has good intentions that are thwarted by unscrupulous actions. Obviously he is an exploiter on many levels who creates unsavory dependencies and relishes in their means to destroy the morals of those sucked into his charismatic orbit. Yet he wants to do good, knows he is misguided and seeks change -- the core elements of any good protagonist. And he intends to set his world right, only, he has a tendency to succumb to the more carnal, base pleasures life presents. Perhaps if I added a rap-rhyme or two it might have cleared things up. Oh, and the hole thing was intentional, thank you for catching.
07/7/2005 qualcomm: i agree with streifen: this site does hate him, and for good reason.
07/7/2005 mr.coffee (3): deep dude
07/8/2005 The Rid: Otherwise agree with Disney. I hope the "hole" gag was intentional, because it's borderline genius.
07/8/2005 Mr. Pony: Rid, this "borderline genius" comment of yours has been burning into my sinuses all day long. I thought about responding in many ways; maybe making a gentle joke about the "border" between Canada and Botswana; or starting up a serious discussion about how the word "genius" has been so criminally misused, overused, and abused in our culture that it has ceased to have any substance beyond what the word itself weighs; and even openly mocking you by pretending to deify the author for having the twenty-first century retail culture-savvy brilliance to add that extra 95 cents onto the price quoted in the short; but in the end, I must admit, I am beaten. I am humbled; destroyed, and broken. Welcome back, dude.
07/8/2005 The Rid: Pony, I love you!
07/8/2005 scoop: Interesting, Pony. I was thinking about having a serious discussion about the genocidal over/mis/abu use(d) of the word "criminally."
07/8/2005 Mr. Pony: What say we keep one it real at a time, scoop-dawg.