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There once was an actor who was renowned throughout the world as the greatest. Of his many great qualities, which included mastery over all the standard actorly tricks and techniques – precise and immediate emotional recall, consistency of presence, enduring charm and charisma, there was one that set him far apart from, and high above the rest. This actor had complete control over all of his humors, and was able to cum on command. With out the help of any physical stimulus, he could will himself to ejaculate. But it was not just this unique form of lucidity that made him famous; a New York Times poll showed that it was the speed of the act that packed houses several days a week. Hector was lightning fast. Even if actors of the caliber of Dean, Brando, or Clift where able to cum on command, none would be able to match Hector’s alacrity. But, what would prove to be a triumph on the stage was a calamity in the bed. While it was true that not a night went by wherein Hector wasn’t forced to call security to keep his female fan base at bay, it was also true that he couldn’t sustain meaningful relationships with the opposite sex. Fin.

Date Written: July 11, 2005
Author: Rafus Butler
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07/11/2005 Klause Muppet: where=were
07/12/2005 scoop: Oh Shit! Rafus Butler! You're back!
07/12/2005 scoop: Do "Papa Yes Boy?" Come on. Do it. Do it! Just one time, "Papa Yes Boy?" I need a Papa Yes Boy god damn it. I paid good money for these tickets.
07/12/2005 Will Disney: nice to see you back, rafus.