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The old samurai Drew his katana and shit His hakama pants.

Date Written: August 16, 2005
Author: Kenji X
Average Vote: 1.57143

08/24/2005 The Rid (1): Look! It's a haiku!
08/24/2005 TheBuyer: o man.
08/24/2005 TheBuyer (5):
08/24/2005 Litcube: Lookit! It is a haiku! I was hoping the second line was going to pertain to the ancient Japanese art of iaijutsu, where the samurai would attack with his katana or wakizashi in one fluid motion from the scabbard!.

I don't like how the second line of this haiku is supposed to flow with the third line. That's not very haikuish. Perhaps if this were intended, the "and" would have been replaced with an "'n". Alas, the author lets hang the sentence and runs it into the third phrase. That makes me itch.
08/24/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs (1.5): I still don't get why Japanese cultural shit is so popular.
08/24/2005 qualcomm (0.5): the lowest rating
i ask disney once again
zero-star votes, please
08/24/2005 Litcube (2):
08/24/2005 The Rid: My God, TheBuyer. 5 stars? The only reason I didn't give this 1/2 a star is because it's so mercifully fucking short.
08/24/2005 scoop: Hey, what's a haiku?
A hai what? I don't know, dude.
Whatever. Pass the weed.
08/24/2005 TheBuyer: Tree is back from the dead, I'm still logged in at my old job.
08/24/2005 TheBuyer: Jesus fuck. I can't believe you tried to do that again. FUCK!!
08/24/2005 Mr. Pony: This short makes me angry at the entire world that eventually led to the short's creation.
08/24/2005 Cyrus: This is bad.
08/24/2005 The Fonch (0.5): goddamn right it's bad.
08/24/2005 Cyrus (0.5): forget to register my opinion with "STARS"
08/24/2005 Klause Muppet: Hey litcube, another Katana reference, eh? That's pretty funny, eh? Ahhhhhh
08/24/2005 anonymous: You're right, today's fresh author short is better. I commit seppuku in shame.