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Ocoyopo took a moment to ponder the beauty of the strip-mined valley that stretched far below him, as far as the eye could see. “Tzpectlotl is quiet today. Today is a good day to rattle the ovaries of a willing goat,” he mused. Reaching into his leather bag, Ocoyopo found a heavy leather sac filled with liquid. His Peruvian heritage served him well, as he downed then entire bladder of curled alpaca urine with scarcely a tremor. Retching silently, he returned the empty bladder to the bag, and turned toward the docile herd of grazing goats behind him. Flalfa, the young grey alpaca with patchy black withers, flicked her ears warily as he approached. Ocoyopo bent to kiss her tiny wattle, then stepped quietly to her rear. “Eat your heart out, Tzpectlotl,” he said. Flalfa was relaxed, surprising for a goat.

Date Written: December 30, 2005
Author: Metavore
Average Vote: 3.25

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