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What is a polished guy? A polished guy? Ummmh- let me see... Mom raised a young man with a tremendous amount of manners. He can listen, truly listen to a woman and he remembers every word a woman says. Listens with tremendous presence.He has the body that rocks the party. I mean come on- if you work out you can have an awesome body? Maybe a perfectly balanced one. Are you fuckin' me? That's a no-brainer. A polished guy knows his way around town. He knows the most interesting and funky spots in the City. He has a sense of style. His style rocks. A woman can look in his direction and pick up a sense of self expression in his personal presentation. A polished guy shaves his cock. No room for that awful pubic hair. It just gets in the way of a fabulous blowjob. Screw that. The guy is immaculately groomed, head to toe. His skin is a smooth playground for a woman's hand. He smells clean, is lightly perfumed, and emanates a sense of total confidence in himself. A polished guy knows his mission and is actively drawing that dream closer to the palm of his hand. He lives in his own reality and rejects the world that is handed to him. He is convinced that he can leave the earth a better place than he found it. When you get to his house it is immaculately cleaned. There are fresh flowers in a vase. The candles are lit. Mellow and sweet incense slowly burns. He has a massive and very eclectic music collection. The fridge is stocked with water, gatorage, some veggies, lots of fresh fruit, and a dozen eggs in case anyone wants an omelet. A polished guy has taste. He knows a good glass of wine, reads the classics, and listens to music that he loves. He drips and oozes in pleasure and passion. He is master of his feelings and creates a positive frame through which to view the world. He pursues several hobbies and can speak about them in detail and at length. A polished guy knows how to appreciate a solid woman. He'll fuck anything, but is truly seeking the strong, sleek, and sexy. He'll accept the challenge of a wonderfully engaging woman. In his presence a woman feels appreciated and understood. There is a sense of strength and safety around this guy. A polished guy can dance. He knows how to move his hips. A woman can get wet on the dance floor next to this brother. His arms are strong and ripped with muscle. He has an ass for her to hold as they grind to the beat. His sense of rhythm transfers a strong sexual vibe to his partner. In bed a polished guy is concerned with giving pleasure. He is not a self-serving dirtbag who blows his load and falls asleep. He explores a woman's body slowly. First with his hands, then with his tongue. He takes his time, all the while focusing on clues for the direction his actions should take. He truly knows how to let go in bed. A woman will feel ravished, like the Sex-Goddess, and bask in the presence of raw masculine energy. This Brother Rocks!!!

Date Written: January 24, 2006
Author: TertiaryWinesAreTheOnlyWinesForMe
Average Vote: 4.5

01/25/2006 Litcube: I am a fucking loser.
01/25/2006 TertiaryWinesAreTheOnlyWinesForMe (4.5): I like this!!!
01/25/2006 qualcomm: this should have gone somewhere
01/26/2006 Klause Muppet: A polished guy will fuck anything? Nice.
01/27/2006 Will Disney: nice name