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Garrett Shiaten impatiently tapped his fingers on the boardroom table. "Garrett! What's wrong now?" his Executive Director asked. Garrett grimaced at his co-workers, snorted, and stood up. "You all know me as a straight forward person. Someone who tells it like it is. Well, to continue tradition, I would like to point out that this meeting is a waste of my time." "Are you finished?" his Executive Director asked. "Well no," Garrett dropped his eyes to the large woman sitting beside him. "Ginny smells like stale fish and should get her cunt looked at." After being escorted from the building with his personal items, Garrett walked the six blocks to his apartment. He told himself he would start his own company. He didn't need anyone else. Stopping in at his favorite deli, Garrett ordered a Salami Sub. "And hurry up with it, Tool!" he said to the man behind the counter. Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich in hand, Garrett sat in front of his home computer. He told himself he didn't need any stupid deli. He could make his own food. Opening www.ridshorts.com he signed in as Site Administer and scrolled down to Pending Shorts. (0) "Damn them." he said to himself. "Damn them all."

Date Written: February 13, 2006
Author: Klause Muppet
Average Vote: 4

02/13/2006 qualcomm: was this an intentional ripoff, author?
02/14/2006 Klause Muppet: No. This is an accurate portrayal of what happened to The Rid.
02/14/2006 Litcube (4): This is a good one, despite the unintentional rip-off.