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I knew there was trouble in my marriage when my wife and I decided to each make a list. Have you ever seen friends when Ross and Rachel make a list of who it's OK for them to sleep with and not get in trouble, Freebies. I worked really hard on my spent hours mulling the possibilities and start to write 1. Angelina Jolie 2. Jennifer Anniston 3. Gwyneth Paltrow Well actually anywhere Brad Pitt has been is probably good enough for me. I was very excited when we changed lists. I grabbed her list and started reading it 1. Brad Pitt Good choice, I think we are on the same plan here. 2. George Clooney, not my type but fair enough 3. Steve the butcher from the Safeway, 4. Ted the guy who cuts our lawn. 5. I forget his name but he's the new guy in accounting at my office. I screamed "THIS IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING" as she left for grocery store.

Date Written: March 11, 2006
Author: kingbill
Average Vote: 3

03/15/2006 Will Disney: so what happened after this? messy divorce?
03/15/2006 kingbill: It's just shtick but I'm going to write some real life trauma soon
03/15/2006 TheBuyer: Also try puntuation! I like the 'i forget his name' thing
03/15/2006 TheBuyer: yes, puntuation.
03/20/2006 TREE: Bullshit! Puncuation will not effect the "haha" value of your short. TheBuyer guy is just trying to piss in your cornflakes. You just keep on keepin' on,OK?
03/20/2006 TREE (3):
03/20/2006 TREE: Of course spelling is important as well.