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Today I was in the shower and jacking off with some baby oil, and I was like fuck it, I may as well just go for it, so I eased my index finger up my butt...at first it was like, this is it?! Then...OH THEN...as I was taking it out, I hit the magic pleasure button!!! It was this round protruding kinda thing, musta been the prostate. I accidentally rubbed it and my hard on got like solid rock. It was weird, it caused this great feeling from kinda inside my body, not on the penis or anything like usually happens. I sat down and started rubbing the thing in my ass while jacking off, and it was insane, absolutely insane, I think I lost track of time. I kept wanting to cum and cum but I couldn't, it felt too good. All the hot water ran out and I was seriously sitting there in a cold shower with one hand racing up and down my penis and the other one knuckle deep in my rectum. Finally I slowed down a little (I think the cold water helped) and could cum...it just blew all over the place, absolutely pissing semen, I have NEVER cum that much before, NEVER. Anyway that was like 20 min ago and I am just sitting here in a glow. Guys I highly recommend you do this...

Date Written: March 25, 2006
Author: Coleoptera King
Average Vote: 4.33333

03/27/2006 Mr. Pony (4):
03/27/2006 Will Disney (5): who wrote this one?
03/27/2006 Litcube (4): 4.25 stars. This site should support 0.25 stars.
03/28/2006 Will Disney: yes, that's right! we should!
05/11/2012 qualcomm: Okay, I did it. It was just o-kay.