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Drought (Approx. 400 wds.) “The drought is not yet over,” intoned the announcer, with seeming satisfaction. Hennessy, a retired bachelor, who lived in a small house in Sacramento, California’s capital, always had the television news on, to give himself a bit of company, he would have said if he knew anyone who’d ask him. He supposed the announcer’s reminder, which he’d been repeating all morning, was because of the few rain showers that had fallen overnight. California had been in the grip of a drought ever since Hennessy could remember. The scene on the TV shifted to the Capital steps, where an angry crowd was gathered, protesting something, Hennessy didn’t know what and didn’t really care too much. Such protests had been going on almost as long as the drought, made-for-TV events. Hennessy had to go to the corner store to get some milk and bread. Outside, the sky was dark, almost black. Now and then there was a rumble of thunder. Despite the absence of the sun, it was furnace-like hot. Someone walking the other way brushed Hennessy with his elbow. “Watch out where you’re going, you old coot,” snarled the young man. The drought had made everyone testy. Incidents of road rage happened regularly and the crime rate was at an all-time high. Hennessy made his purchases and started back home. A buzzing noise like a swarm of angry bees filled the air and became louder. A red glare appeared over the rooftops. Suddenly, the street was filled with people and he thought he heard somebody say, “The Capital is burning.” Then there was a clap of thunder as if a sledgehammer had smashed into the earth and Hennessy felt drops of rain. The drops came harder and all at once there was a downpour like the emptying of a giant bucket of water. Hennessy hurried back home. The rain beat on the roof of his little house as if determined to cave it in. The television announcer was talking about a riot that had gotten out of hand. Another clap of thunder shook the house. Rain covered the windows, there was a crash of breaking glass, and then a wave of water swept through the room. As Hennessy was swept away out the door, he could hear the television announcer saying, “The drought is not yet over.” The End

Date Written: April 21, 2006
Author: mgreen100
Average Vote: 3.83333

04/24/2006 Will Disney: welcome to acmeshorts!
04/24/2006 Master Bates (3.5): the drought IS over
04/24/2006 Litcube: What a strange thing.
04/24/2006 scoop (4): Yes, but how many bees?
04/25/2006 Mr. Pony (4): I appreciated the bucket-of-water metaphor for rain, author--also providing the estimated length of your short really speaks of you as a forthright and upstanding member or your community.
04/25/2006 Will Disney: yeah i wonder why acme is saying this thing is 0 words. that doesn't seem right!