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Richard's a gay ninja. For fifty cents he'd super kick anyone. I just wish he'd stop calling me.

Date Written: June 08, 2006
Author: Klause Muppet
Average Vote: 3

06/9/2006 Will Disney: It's concise...
06/9/2006 Mr. Pony (3): This is not a balanced three. I am being pulled in many directions by this deceptively complex short.
06/9/2006 Litcube: What else about this ninja, though. Why is Richard the Gay ninja calling you, and why does it bother you that he does? Does it have anything to do with him "super kicking" anyone? The fact that he's an gay?
06/10/2006 Litcube: I'll buy you a beer.
06/10/2006 Klause Muppet:
06/11/2006 TheBuyer: Dude? This is weird.