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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic by the name is dalton He noticed a number of errors on his tax return. "This can't possibly be right! I've filled this out a hundred times and this has never happened before!" Upset, he stormed over to the telephone. His hand began to form a tight fist as he listened to the rings add up. Finally, a representative was on the line. "Yes, may we help you?" "I have many many problems with my tax return. These figures are not accurate!" "Your name?" He gave his name. "How do you spell that?" He spelled out his name. "Well, sir it says here that all the figures are correct. There is no mistake." He began to sweat profusely, his confidence shot, he closed his eyes and prayed. "I guess you're right then. Thank you." "No problem, sir. You have a great day." Defeated, he hung up the reciever and wished he owned a pony.

Date Written: September 05, 2006
Author: The Name Is Dalton
Average Vote: 3.25

09/6/2006 Will Disney: Welcome to AcmeShorts!
09/6/2006 The Name Is Dalton: thank you, thank you very much.
09/8/2006 Litcube (3.5):
09/8/2006 Klause Muppet: a pony would help
09/11/2006 thecrutchofsociety (3): yeahhum and yawn