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Saturday night. Peacocked to the gills, I walked into TJ's. Eyes half closed, mouth slightly ajar, all motion of my body slowed down by a factor of 2. Swagger. Ever so slowly and deliberately, I scanned the room, tilting my head back with a sneer. 3-set by the bar, with an HB8. Good. Going in. I opened with jealous girlfriend and the set hooked great. Never seen a hook like that since HB6.5 back in March. Ran a bit of C&F to get me deep into A2, then I DHVed the shit out of myself with my motorcycle story. HB8 was already losing interest, so I tossed a neg her way and kinoed her friends. Uh oh. Eye roll. IOD. Fluffed for a min and unleashed my broken up line. Negative ghostrider, she wasn't having any of it. I ejected; though one of the warpigs was still giving me DDB I wasn't going to hit that shit. I made a few laps, then opened a guy set and fluffed them for a while. Total AFCs, but they'll back me when the shit goes down, 'cause I'm alpha. Important to have friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an AI from a booth across the room. I'm attuned to this shit know. HBs want you to chase. I casually wander over there as per the 3s rule, then use my twins opener. Failed to hook, what the fuck? This never happens after a solid AI. One of the obstacles was dropping IOIs at me too. Whatever. I DHVed myself anyway, but it turns out the one UG is afraied of bikes, so it turned out to be a DLV. I just DLVed myself to a tundra wookie. Time to eject. I "have to find my friends" and back out. As the night wore on, I opened more and more. I ran A2 material, even got to A3. C&Fed the shit out of a couple of sets in the lounge, had them laughing, got a ton of IOIs and DDB from a blonde, but I had to piss. I thought I may have made it to C1 once, but it turns out the IOIs were at the AFC behind me. Got AMOGged out of a couple sets by some 6 foot tall gorilla in an Oxford shirt. Good. All learning experiences. Results focused equals needy. I was going to have a killer FR for the guys on the lair. At 3am, eyes half closed, mouth slightly ajar, I swaggered out of the bar into the night. Seems like every other guy leaving the venue had a HB on his arm, but I ... I was a PUA, and they had those women solely by my mercy.

Date Written: September 14, 2006
Author: Streifenbeuteldachs
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09/15/2006 Will Disney: You have a lot of wisdom, guest author. Can you please post a glossary?
09/15/2006 TheBuyer: It's that, "Everyday guide to fucking any chick ever" book talk. Guys actually have conversations like this now, it's frightening.
09/15/2006 TheBuyer: Ya pal, you picked a lousey time to get married, single women come with a manual now.
09/15/2006 Klause Muppet: i thought this was KJKS with a little too much SFKi4
09/16/2006 Streifenbeuteldachs: Yeah, that book is gold. That is why I have not been posting more shorts, Thebuyer. I have been too busy fucking bar sluts. My kill count is 23 since last August. At times, I wonder why I like to fuck sluts so much, then my penis answers.
09/16/2006 Litcube: Streifen!