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I walked along the slimy excuse for a bridge and saw the harbor over the hill. Somewhere in that harbor is a ship. Somewhere on that ship there is a man. This man could be the only person in the universe who can help us now. He alone has the skills and the experience to do the unspeakable task. "Not long now", was the quiet mumbling from my comrade in arms. I often wondered why the great Sir Tent became my friend. I remember the town of Alexus, I remember the accident with the candle and the beehog, I also recall Sir Tent in the smoke and them most unfortunate of memories that day was the bright pink light and the pain in my left arm, but the rest of it is a mystery. Everytime I enquire to Tent about that day he always finds some way of diverting my attention. "We will be fine", Troy muttered, “We have my sword fighting skills, your expertise with your spear and Kross is the Halfen gun fighter champ... where's Kross?" I turned around and saw that my third companion wasn't there, but a deep growl from left hand side told me that I would be using my spear a lot sooner than I had wanted.

Date Written: September 15, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
Average Vote: 4

09/18/2006 TheBuyer: totally unsatisfying
09/19/2006 anonymous: beehog?
09/19/2006 Master Bates (3.5):
09/19/2006 Mr. Pony: Pray, sir; was there a single beehog, or a great number thereof? And what; I am bound by honor and habit to inquire, was this number?
09/20/2006 dhastie3000: A beehog is my own creation that is best decribed as a human/wild boar that has the role's and characteristics (sorry for spelling if wrong!) of a bee. There was only one Beehog in the flashback in the bar. I will look into finishing the story for next week.
09/20/2006 thecrutchofsociety: veru veru gppd
09/20/2006 Streifenbeuteldachs (4.5): Toast! Crumpets! English muffin!