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Quests-Part 1 (This is the edited version of "i walked along the slimy excuse for a bridge!" Stretching out in front of me the harbour came into view. Somewhere on one those ships a man wheezes in his sleep: he alone is the person who can help us now. "Not long now", was the quiet mumbling from my comrade in arms. I often wondered why the great Sir Tent became my friend. I remember the town of Alexus, I remember the accident with the candle and the beehog, I also recall Sir Tent in the smoke and then the most unfortunate of recollections that day was the bright pink light and the pain in my left arm, but the rest, a mystery. Everytime I enquire to Tent about that day he always finds some way of diverting my attention. "We will be fine", Tent muttered, “We have my sword, your spear and Chelen here has her fathers gun”. My third companion came in the form of a beautiful, daughter of a nobleman, Chelen Blant. Even though I had no nobleman within me, we had been friends since as far back as I can remember. I always had a deep urge within me that we should be together as she was the only girl that I knew who made this annoying feeling deep within my stomach whenever I laid eye on her. Many times before had I tried to talk to her about it I could never muster enough courage and change the subject. I could go into a war risking my life, but I can’t speak to a girl. Suddenly my daydream was cut short by a loud scream I turned around and saw that my third companion wasn't there, but a deep growl from left hand side told me that I would be using my spear a lot sooner than I had wanted.

Date Written: October 11, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
Average Vote: 4

11/8/2006 Will Disney (4): interesting! what happens next?
11/8/2006 Master Bates (4): everybody's into beehogs these days.