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Quest- part 2 The creature lunged at Sir Tent and sent him flying through the air. He hit the floor and didn’t get up. Before I could get to him and see if he was ok, the beast blocked my path and I saw it for what it was, a Jibbo. I had never seen a Jibbo before but they were exactly as they had been described to me; a very large dog with long, brown, shaggy hair that made a mixture of growls and sounds that could have been someone playing the drums. The Jibbo made a sudden loud note and started to charge. I dodged. The Jibbo came to a halt and rushed recklessly at me again. I dodged it for the second time, but when I turned around to where the beast had gone, time seemed to stand still. The Jibbo had somehow jumped in the air and was coming down on me like a shoe on a defenceless ant. Sir Tent suddenly started to scream and I was crouched under the beast with my spear in hand ready for battle when it happened again. Without warning a bright light filled my eyes. This time it was bright blue and even though I covered my eyes with my arm I still was blinded by blue. There was a loud booming sound, which I presume came from the Jibbo and then silence. When the light dimmed I saw a face glaring down at me. I did not recognise this face but it helped me to my feet. As I stood I saw that Sir Tent was well and was supporting an injured Chelen. The face that helped me up belonged to a man. This man was in a brown cloak and had a scar on his nose in the shape of stick man without a head. He began to speak. “Are you o.k.?” I couldn’t reply, so I merely nodded. “I am glad”, he replied, “If I had not arrived when I did you would have been that Jibbo’s next meal.” I had eventually found my voice and muttered, “What…was the…light?” “I can answer that one” To be cntd...

Date Written: October 11, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
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11/9/2006 Will Disney: Thanks for part 2!
11/9/2006 Litcube: Oh, fuck, I can't wait. Also re " that could have been someone playing the drums": I relaize this would be giving away your story, but are we going to find out if it was actually drums playing?