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Quest- part 3 Sir Tent had perched Chelen against a large rock and stepped forward, “You also possess the power of the Shogun don’t you?” The cloaked man stumbled and stared up at Sir Tent with a confused and shocked expression on his face. I mustered all the strength I could and crawled closer to Chelen to check to see if she was ok. “How…how…d…do…y…y…y…” “I hold the power of the Pink Shogun” The man fell to the floor and just couldn’t accept the information he had just given, he was about to speak but I intervened. “It was you!!” “It was me” “All along, you where the one that shone the bright pink light on Alexus, all this time and you kept avoiding it whenever I asked you!!” “Yes and…” “Then it was you who got rid of the Beehog and caused the excruciating pain in my arm and…” “I caused you no pain that night, you fell out of your chair and fell to the floor, I assume you landed on something sharp and painful, but right now with this man’s help you and I will, hopefully understand everything” “Err…sorry but I do have a name, it’s Bowton” “Well, Mr Bowton, may I enquire as to you telling me and my comrades what you know of the Shoguns” to be cntd...

Date Written: October 11, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
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