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Quest- part 4 There was silence as Bowton stared first at Sir Tent, then at Chelen and finally his eyes rested on me. I didn’t like him staring at me. Eventually he seated himself on the ground. He was in deep thought. My attention turned again to Chelen, who had just got to her feet. “No”, I darted towards her, as she lost her balance and fell back into my arms, “You need rest” “I…don’t need any…rest”, she said with her breathtaking smile, “but now that you mention it, I could go for some food I’m starving!” We laughed. It had been so long since we had both laughed like this. I stared into her eyes. I had never stared into a person’s eyes before and saw for the first time how beautiful they were. “Do I have something in my eye?” Chelen said with a smile. “No, I just never realised that your eyes were so pretty” She giggled, “Very flattering, but I do believe that that means you may like me a little more than just friends!” “W…w…w…well…well…I…I…I…” I couldn’t speak I was so embarrassed. “Its O.K, I know, you don’t have to say anything” She leant up closer to me. I was very nervous and sweaty. She was coming closer and I in turn was leaning closer to her. It was a touching moment, which was however annoyingly cut short by Bowton clearing his throat. “O.k. I will tell you all I know” “Thank you good sir”, Tent said, as he moved to sit next to Bowton “Right then, where to begin…” To be concluded...

Date Written: October 11, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
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