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Quests- part 5 Bowton and Tent then went on to explain about Shoguns. The Shoguns were a family of great warriors that lived hundreds of years ago. They protected their land on a far off planet from all who apposed them. Then the ruler of the neighbouring country requested their help in protecting some incredible power. The Shoguns accepted and became very rich and very powerful. One day, though the Shoguns decided that they should be able to see what they have been guarding all this time. The ruler had forbidden this, but the Shoguns didnít care and proceeded to gaze at this almighty power. What they saw no-one knows, but whatever it was it destroyed the Shoguns and the entire planet. That would have the end of it but there was something else. When the Shoguns were young, the smallest and youngest had made them all carry a different coloured metal ball to prove that they were Shoguns; Pink, Blue and Green. The power that destroyed the far off planet could not destroy the three Shogun balls. Instead the balls absorbed their masterís power and because of the explosion, they were scatted to the far corners of the universe. Both Sir Tent and Bowton possessed a Shogun metal ball and therefore both had Shogun powers but the location of the third metal ball is still a mystery and must be found before some-one else does who would use the ball for evil. So I ask of you, check your balls.

Date Written: October 11, 2006
Author: dhastie3000
Average Vote: 4

11/14/2006 Will Disney: all right!
11/14/2006 TheBuyer: how dare you.
11/14/2006 Master Bates (4): so this is simply a cruel shaggy beehog story? (I did check my balls, though, just in case) Good show, old pup.