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My stomach is bulging and soon it will look like a crater visible from seventeen moons west of Mars, Milky Way, P.O. BOX 036363. Now that Pluto is divested of its venerable "planet" title, I no longer value cleanliness within the crater. Yesterday, I purchased two moon cakes from the Chinese deli and ate it in delicious merriment. Today I vomited up half the crater. The moon cake was approximately 1/5 of the crater. It expanded in my stomach.

Date Written: October 28, 2006
Author: Zetetic
Average Vote: 4

11/15/2006 Will Disney: Welcome to AcmeShorts!
11/15/2006 scoop: I really hope this short comes out on DVD so we can see the behind-the-scenes stuff on it was made. Especially that second sentece. They must have used a blue screen or some other special effects cuz there's no other way they coulda done it.
11/15/2006 Mr. Pony (4): I think this is really good.
11/15/2006 Master Bates (4): vomit of Pluto's Revenge