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The very same people that rushed to buy phones so thin they fin you like a catfish rushed to get the newest chips implanted in their pet's skull that translated dog or cat to English. Taeke-Wa chips. You remember the commercial: 'Bow, Wow! I WUV U, Master!' Darwin, my beloved chihuahua, had a raw red channel in his brainpan from all the upgrading. He drooled a little now. "Stroke me, food guy." "What?" "I mean, stroke me, Master." "That's better." Dae Wu 8904 series was the latest and greatest. One for the cat, Mr. Mischief. "Fuck you," he said. Dog dies, chip goes to waste. I get ideas... I funneled a tunnel in my penis, Wilber Manly. Ouch. "Stroke me, fuck-wad. Stroke me, fool. My name ain't 'Wilber', by the way, it's K'Thulu Nebulon III." "Wha--?" "I mean, stroke me, Master." It got old. "Shut up, prick! Just shut up." "You like HER? She a skank!" "I like what I like. Shut the fuck up." Whack! "I wuv U, Master."

Date Written: November 01, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote:

11/8/2006 anonymous: I wuv U, Master. Bates.
11/8/2006 Master Bates: I wuv U, too, self. It's kind of a pitiful way to try to get people to read CHIP'd, though.
11/21/2006 Master Bates (5): Wow!
11/21/2006 anonymous: its its like a poisoned haiku of evil lust