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Lana finally got her period when she was 15 and it was so not a big deal. After all that waiting, and all the hours wondering if maybe this day would be the day... The awkward conversation with Dr. Ross about whether she would become a woman soon... All it took was one big thrust by her uncle's heaving cock, and voila - the dam burst. Who knew it could be that easy? Lana's mother was so excited at the sight of the bloodied tampon in the trash, discretely wrapped in toilet tissue, that she insisted Lana skip school to have a "woman's day". They went shopping, tried on clothes, ate ice cream, and puked it up for good measure. All in all it was a so-so time.

Date Written: May 09, 2003
Author: cuntry
Average Vote: 3.33333

05/9/2003 anonymous (5):
05/9/2003 anonymous (1):
05/9/2003 anonymous (1):
05/9/2003 anonymous (2):
05/12/2003 Mr. Pony (5): That is a very good short, but somewhat reminiscent of Feldspar's style. He should be mad. Honking mad.
12/10/2003 Mr. Joshua (4): The average rating of this short is nothing short of scandalous....this is a minor masterpiece....all raters should have to show themselves and account for their marks
12/10/2003 qualcomm (4): cuntry is jenkins.
02/24/2004 annebot (2): did someone hurt you a long time ago? Do you keep looking and looking to try and find a 'safe place'? Go to him.
03/15/2004 Dylan Danko (4): Now hey, this is good!
03/15/2004 $ (5): Yeah, great last line.
11/18/2004 The Rid (5):
06/29/2007 Lady Pissant (2): Mr.Joshua, I might be a bit late in sayng this, but MY ASS is a minor masterpiece; this short is not. Not bad, but there was sooo much to work with. It's just another incest story .
07/1/2007 anonymous: hmm mm