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hello friends in Acmeshorts and around the world! I'm breathing and grateful. spent the day with a sufi teacher, we talked about the universe, god and love, letting go of the ego...in a large garden with the Atlas mountains before us ...snow covering the mountains while I sat in the Sahara...ahh duality... I am just a little nothing here,everywhere, a speck like we all are and yet we are filled with such potential and great ability to love, give and receive ...Marrakech is an oasis of water, energy living and ancient good spirits. I send the super vibes I'm feeling. there is nothing but LOVE. Sarra -- higher love... "the ordinary lover adores a secondary phenomenon, I love the real" Ibn El-Arabi I am... " every clique has a theory about me- I am mine; what I am , I am. Omar Khayyam

Date Written: November 13, 2006
Author: Gorilla Saladress
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11/17/2006 Master Bates: I'm pretty sure Omar Khayyam ripped off that last part from Popeye...
11/19/2006 TheBuyer: Thanks for the good vibes you weirdo! Cheers and good health to you.