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"But your honor," said the deaf man, "I've written my final summation in brail." The judge pounded his steel gavel, smashing apart the porcelain bunny into tiny unrecognizable pieces.

"I object," said the defendant, standing upright, revealing his vollyball attire and the ball which he now perched above his head in preparation for the serve.

"Your honor," said juror #2, a racist, "I find the defendant naked, smeared with soy sauce in my room last night." A small chinese man in the backrow smiled as the courtroom gasped.

"I can be an expert witness to that," said the District Attorney. "Also, if it pleases the court, I love the way Britney Spears dances." "Me too," typed the court stenographer, before throwing her arms up with glee. "Hit it!" pleaded the DA. The lights went down, the music drifted through the courthouse and few forgot about that day, that trial, or the sight of the bailiff's hips as he thrust them out decisively for each word in the refrain "Hit me baby one more time."

Date Written: May 09, 2003
Author: Noah Simple
Average Vote: 3.6

05/9/2003 anonymous (3):
05/9/2003 anonymous (2):
05/9/2003 anonymous (5):
12/8/2003 Ewan Snow: I liked this one, even though I wasn't crazy about the ending. Sort of reminds me of the Feldspar classic.
04/5/2004 scoop (4): Great for a first time short.
04/5/2004 Mr. Pony (4): Hey, wow, where did this come from?