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The Adventure Clan were hanging out at Timothy's house and eating hot canned chili after Timothy had killed all the bad pimps and bought his mother a microwave oven. "My older sister's friends are coming over for a slumber party tonight," Chapstick Boy was lamenting. "Guess it's gonna be another twat bonanza in the Shumacher household." Mr Muffins was even more distraught. "Lending libraries are full of diseases. Just last week I was perusing a book, and two days later I had a full-blown cold!" Consuelo didn't say anything because she didn't speak English, but she was probably unhappy about the urinary tract infection. Everyone was disillusioned except for Timothy, who stared out the window at the birds and hoped his half-brother Terri the Turtle was okay. People who were not wearing clean underwear that day: - Chapstick Boy - Mr Muffins - Consuelo

Date Written: December 28, 2006
Author: blow-up
Average Vote: 4

01/1/2007 Will Disney (4):
01/2/2007 Litcube (4): Nice. It's been a while. I'm curious why the contents of your meat bag are swollen.
01/2/2007 blow-up: It's like when a woman is with child, her belly is also swollen. The metaphor of a womb is furthermore quite apt to describe the fecundity of my meat bag.
01/3/2007 anonymous: yeah chicks just want to syfillize you and peek in the 'ol meatbag