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Terri the Turtle and his Adventure Clan were making the perfect turkey sandwich. "Hey," Terri said to Consuelo, "hand me that loaf of rye bread, bitch." Consuelo hardly spoke any English, not because she was from Venezuela, but because her father had cut out her tongue when she was a baby. Perfect turkey sandwich ingredients: - sliced turkey breast - rye bread - mayonaise - melted monterrey jack cheese - 2 strips bacon - tomato - fresh green spinach leaves

Date Written: December 29, 2006
Author: blow-up
Average Vote: 3.6

01/3/2007 Master Bates: gets you hooked with the "Playmates" and then delivers "the desired erection" with the old albino soup "lady"
01/3/2007 Will Disney (4.5): This is good!
01/4/2007 TheBuyer (4): shiny
01/4/2007 Litcube (4):
01/18/2007 Mr. Pony (3.5): There's a nice rhythm to blow-up's work. I think we might have something if she were willing to explore some more unusual themes.
01/18/2007 blow-up: For example, like her own intrinsic maleness?
01/24/2007 scoop (2): This shows again that despite their best efforts women just aren't very funny.