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Called upon to speak about her first sexual experience, Dana was practically cumming. Well, maybe not but there was this gooey stuff in her underwear…. Should she begin with the guy, Aaron, who had girlish lips and a face pinched like a mouse, or his point of entry, which turned out to be a hole in her jean shorts, just to the right of her fly. They sat on a couch and got down to business. She remembered his sweaty forehead and that at one point some of her pubic hair seemed to get caught between Aaron’s penis and the hole. She said, “ouch”, and he kindly adjusted. The climax was anti-climactic - a whole lot of groaning and gasping on Aaron’s part. Dana tried to keep the experience in perspective – after all, this surely wasn’t the most magical or most incredible or most intimate and exciting thing that would happen to her. It was really no biggy. With a day to debrief, she would be hard-pressed to call it anything but “solid.”

Date Written: May 09, 2003
Author: cuntry
Average Vote: 2.5

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