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It was disconcerting and yet comforting with the practise of regular adoration. He knew that one day this would end, but why now? As a child he was told he was lazy and not paying attention. In these enlightened times they would call him 'dyslexic'. He dreamt of of naked rituals around midnight campfires with buxom women of a certain age, freed of received inhibitions. Bouncing and chanting and yet still coffee morning inviters to pine clad kitchens in secret suburbia. If only... Now feeling ashamed and foolish this life so wasted and time never to regain. He climbed into his red coat and britches. Scratching the nylon white tufts of his beard, Satan cursed dyslexia.

Date Written: April 14, 2007
Author: Plumster
Average Vote: 3

04/16/2007 Litcube (2.5): Poor Satan. The message here is that people with dyslexia are inherently evil.
04/16/2007 Mr. Pony: I found this to be a fascinating take on Dyslexia, or Dyslexia nervosa, as it is often called by scientists. The author seems to wink at us through the twin veils of the dread disease with his contorted and tortured sentence fragments pregnant with the compounded and odoriferous roux of meaning.
04/16/2007 Mr. Pony (3.5):
04/17/2007 Plumster: Chaps, it is a pun. Did you really miss it.... Santa...Satan?
04/17/2007 Mr. Pony: I admit, I was too caught up in your other turns of phrase to notice that possibly not-so-minor detail.
04/17/2007 Litcube: When I read that line about the coat, I thought of Santa immediately. I thought "dyslexia" was a minor detail added for colour.
04/18/2007 Mr. Pony: Satan probably also has a red coat.