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Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day. I'm writing to tell you that I love you. I realize that most sadness on Earth is due to people not saying how much they love each other. If we shared our love more often, there would be no more wars or violence or poverty. But sometimes we feel like we need more love than the other person wants to give, and in those relationships we feel lonely and unsatisfied. This leads to much confusion, and we might have body image issues that prevent us from loving others fully. Some people, for example, might be disgusted by others' bodies, but they should not feel that they should say "no" and cut you out of their lives. Because underneath it all we are really shining beings full of love. Everyone should learn how powerful it feels to be emotionally vulnerable, when you let them know your inner thoughts and feelings. It would also help us to become more comfortable with both men and women and accept people with different preferences, to have more love in our lives, but that is sometimes not easy for everyone. And of course you can always have healing relationships with parents and family members, if they want. Even I wish there were more love in my life. Sometimes I wish there had been more love in my childhood, but no one can turn back the hands of time. We can only have healing relationships to make up for the mistakes of the past. Anyway, I've sent you some flowers. They should arrive sometime this afternoon. Hope you like roses. Yours, Mr Muffins

Date Written: May 21, 2007
Author: blow-up
Average Vote: 2

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05/30/2007 Master Bates (2): At the rap-yodel ashram where I honed my mad flash fic skills under Master Hans 'Sir-Rap-a-lot' von Neuman, (the yodeling guru) I learned to appreciate a well-turned phrase or two. I have a question--whose Mom are you talking to? 'Cause if it's my moms we got a problem. Also, why?