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Yo, rocker chicks never tell you the truth, yo--Size DOES matter! Yes, I am so stupid as to still be dating a guy who sleeps with tons of cheap ho's--He used to have a little tiny pin for a dick, but while he was taking a dump in the bathroom the other day, I just happened to find (shoved way back under his bed) five or twelve gigantic bottles of horse-dong hardner. Yo, that's what it says on the bottle. He may be a male whore, but his prong is so huge now I can't leave him alone. So what if he has a veteranarial disease? I just know that he's on to a good thing, and so am I (and every other ho in the complex!) I even stole a bottle or three and take them myself. Now I can't button up my Daisy Duke's--My clit sticks out like a thumb! All the guys dig it, though, and I am handing out my number like crazy and telling everyone I know. Now, shhhhh! We gotta keep this a secret!

Date Written: June 27, 2007
Author: Lady Pissant
Average Vote: 2.75

06/28/2007 anonymous: yes baby! this is exciting
06/28/2007 anonymous: this does rock, and it is erotic, bonus points for using clit in a sentence
06/28/2007 anonymous: The use of the word "out" in the very same sentence is also noteworthy.
06/28/2007 Litcube (2.5): If it weren't for the completely unnecessary Bob accent.
06/30/2007 Lady Pissant: Bite me, "Bob." Have you ever seen one of these in real life?(All over people's "comment" sections in myspace?) This "accent" is a prerequisit!
06/30/2007 anonymous: funny thing is our Lady has no idea what you mean clitpube