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"What is that I smell?" asked the man in the back of the class in broken English. "What in the hell is that bad bad smell?" "I'm imagining that that smell you are talking about, " said the ESL teacher very slowly and distinctly, "is the smell of Jorge's pants...It appears he has wet them with wet fecal matter." Her disapproving glance at Jorge's crotch and then along his seat area said it all. "Jorge," the teacher queried, "Why did you just have an accident in class? You're a grown-up, aren't you? I would expect that you'd be able to raise your hand and ask to go to the restroom! There is just no excuse for this." She shook her head in disgust. "Very very horny," Jorge said plaintively, a sad look of apology on his face, eyes brimming with tears... "very horny."

Date Written: June 27, 2007
Author: Lady Pissant
Average Vote: 3.83333

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06/30/2007 Mylittlepony (4.5): that is very nice friend
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