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Date Written: November 16, 2007
Author: Pix
Average Vote: 3

11/16/2007 Litcube: Hi, Author. How are you feeling today?
11/16/2007 qualcomm: i think your parents are doing a wonderful job
11/17/2007 qualcomm: oh!
11/17/2007 Marvin_Bernstein (3): where's the short? I enjoyed it but disappeared
11/17/2007 Marvin_Bernstein (3): my comments are not working
12/6/2007 TheBuyer: oh my. anyone want to hear about my separation from Pix and how she is suing me? I will post it all here for you if you want.
12/6/2007 qualcomm: yes
12/6/2007 Pix: TheBuyer is more than welcome to share his "version" of the facts privately with anyone that wishes to listen. However those persons are also invited to conact me at thepixx@gmail.com for the truth of what has really transpired here. Happy Acmeshorting!
12/6/2007 Litcube: Pix, when you say the word privately, are you using the definition wherein one attempts to defame another's character by publishing contextual allegories on their frequently visited websites in the most non-private way possible?
12/6/2007 qualcomm: i don't know, pix, i've heard some pretty incriminating shit... in what reality do you think it's right to demand child support from someone who didn't father your kids, didn't adopt them, and was never married to you?
12/6/2007 Pix: Canadian Laws, look them up. Defamation? You have no idea how many screenshots I have if we want to start playing those games. Like I said there are 2 sides to every story and if TheBuyer's only recourse is to make sure that a bunch of random people on the internet think I am the devil then so be it. I've got alot of support from people that actually matter on these issues I have been forced to bring to the courts attention as TheBuyer would not properly address them in any meaningfull way. That is why a legal system exists both in Canada and the United States last I checked. So believe what you like, your credibility is already shot by your lack of ability to look at a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you with any kind of objectivity.
12/6/2007 Pix: fn-prt sc
12/6/2007 Litcube: ctrl-numlock
12/6/2007 TheBuyer: they are terrible people
12/6/2007 qualcomm: thebuyer's not the source of the leak, you angry little person. i grilled him after learning about your breakup through other sources.
12/11/2007 Jon Matza: You guys should sue Disney, not each other. If Disney hadn't provided multiple platforms for you two to libel each other these arguments would have been worked out offline. Instead, the presence of an implied audience (attracted by the brilliant audacity of Disney's html wizardry) forced you to defend yourselves, explain yourselves and try to save face at all costs in various Disney-enabled, highly public comment threads. Result: relationship "issues" were escalated, hardline positions taken, and separation, threats, restraining orders, traumatized children, embarrassing public recriminations and so on followed. I want you to think back to the early days of your relationship when love was fresh; new. You, the Buyer, and you, Pix made sweet, sweet love by the light of the aurora borealis, which can only be seen in Canada on the winter solstice. Well guess what? If it wasn't for Disney's "Sites of Hate" you two would be making sweet love again ten days from now (hand release, oral, anal etc), the kids would be happy, $C1000s would be saved and we would all be spared the hideous spectacle of Canadian love gone wrong. What's more, I hear Disney is worth about $500K. I'm not asking you to decide now, just to mull it over. One final point: Danko has been practicing US law for over 10 years now. Just thinking aloud, obviously all this is none of my business...
12/11/2007 Pix: ROTFLMAO... Matza, you deserve a cookie for at least having a sense of humor. :D Bravo!
12/12/2007 qualcomm:
12/12/2007 TheBuyer: Buffalo hunting? I've gone buffalo huntin'? What the fuck does that mean? Buffalo huntin'!