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fellas, i spent the weekend, four days, in houston and,,, I humped my poor little penis into fuck heaven...It was sucked dry...I have no cum...my balls are on the deck of the queen mary in the North Pole sipping on camomille tea...On the last blow job I felt as if my asshole was going to come flying through my tip like some cosmic end of the world scary stuff...my cock was so dehydrated that I pissed J-E-L-L-O in the shower..no shit...Bill Cosby was sitting there thining "Holly Shit"..I was actually humping and in the background the tv was on...you want to know what was on?? Shit yes you do (in Bernies accent)..."Kicking and Screaming" that Will Ferrel coaching soccer movie..at one point I was bent so far around I watched a goal scoring sequence....twice..my balls TiVoed it...She swallowed too!!..So much..at one point she could have spit out twins...!!!! Sorry for that joke that was mean..sorry G-d.. Now Im back in the city..but I dont know what to do...Im lost yours truely, dead to the world

Date Written: December 10, 2007
Author: SwalpfRag
Average Vote: 4

12/12/2007 Will Disney (5): welcome to acmeshorts
12/19/2007 Master Bates (4): didn't get the Bill Cosby thing, but...
01/2/2008 Marvin_Bernstein (3): average and mediocre dear, have some protein to fill your ball sack though and you'll be back to yourself in no time, as always porn binges require a lot of dedication